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Automated Reporting

Electronic Filing

Oregon Truck Tracking Online is an automated system that allows authorized vendors to electronically file weight-mile tax reports, flat fee tax reports and pay fees and taxes associated with the reports by Direct Payment.

The OTTO system is designed to be used by:

  • Third-party vendors filing tax reports on behalf of their motor carrier clients.
  • Motor carrier companies filing their own tax reports.

Taxable truck miles are recorded by using on-board mileage tracking devices and GPS systems then submitted through the OTTO system. This improves the operational efficiencies of our Motor Carrier Transportation Division and the trucking industry operating in Oregon.

​Companies interested in becoming a vendor in the OTTO Program must follow these steps.

  1. Have a computer system that can connect with the Oregon Motor Carrier Transportation Department web service.
  2. Your computer must meet all Oregon Information Systems security requirements.
  3. Review the Technical Specifications for using the OTTO Exchange web service.
  4. Fill out an Application for Oregon Truck Tracking Online Services.
  5. Email your application to MCTD.
  6. Have an Oregon Trucking Online account.
  7. Have an ACH Bank Account registered on the Oregon Trucking Online website.
  8. Once your account has been authorized, MCTD will send you a new OTTO account number and temporary TOL password to establish your access to the OTTO web service.
  9. Email Oregon OTTO Support to coordinate a connection test.

​Established OTTO vendors must:

  1. Have a signed Power of Attorney form for each motor carrier that is represented by your service.
  2. Email signed POA forms to MCTD.
  3. Once established, the OTTO vendor will have access to their carrier clients' company and vehicle records and can begin filing their client's tax reports.

    Instructions — How to Electronically File Your Weight-Mileage Report

Vendors only have access to motor carrier accounts for which they have a signed Power of Attorney.

​The OTTO system uses a web service to provide secure access to MCTD records. Authorized OTTO vendors use Oregon Trucking Online to manage their account and access the OTTO web service. Only authorized OTTO users have access to the web service.

Test Your Connection to OTTO
MCTD maintains a web service test environment for authorized OTTO vendors to use when checking to see if their connection is working and they are getting the expected results.

  • Access to the test environment will be provided when users are ready to connect.
  • Access to the MCTD production web service will be given to the OTTO users once they are comfortable their system is getting the correct test returns.
  • Email your request for production access to MCTD.

Contact Us

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Motor Carrier Transportation Division
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Salem, OR 97302-1166
Hours of Operation (Pacific Time)
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General Carrier Questions
Email the ODOT TOL Team.


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