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Green Light Preclearance Program

A Free Way to Save!

Green Light is a "preclearance" system that verifies truck size, weight, registration and safety records as it drives on the freeway. Green Light allows compliant commercial motor vehicles to bypass Oregon automated weigh stations. Bypassing a weigh station saves time and money. It is safer and good for the environment. Enjoy all these benefits at no cost to the motor carrier.
The Oregon Green Light program is interoperable with other preclearance programs in the country.
  • ​The first transponder for each truck is FREE.
  • Save Time - Bypass weigh stations at highway speed.
  • Save Money - Save fuel and wear and tear on equipment.
  • Lessen safety hazards created by heavy traffic at weigh stations.
  • Enjoy better driver retention and easier driver recruitment.
  • Provide faster service to customers.
  • Qualify for the Trusted Carrier Partner Program.
  • Carrier´s account MUST be in good standing.
  • Trucks MUST comply with size and weight regulations.
  • Carriers may NOT have an “Unsatisfactory" safety rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as determined by SAFESTAT category.
  • Trucks MUST be permanently enrolled in Oregon’s Weight-Mile Tax Program.
  • Trucks MUST have three axles or more in combination with a minimum registered gross vehicle weight of 34,001 pounds.
  • Trucks MUST visit Oregon automated weigh stations an average of at least once per month.
  • To get a transponder call Commerce and Compliance Division at 503-378-6054 or send a request to CCD Transponder.
  • Install a transponder in each truck.

Green Light Weigh-in-Motion

​Interstate 5

  • Woodburn Port of Entry, Southbound.
  • Woodburn Weigh Station, Northbound.
  • Ashland Port of Entry, Northbound.
  • Ashland Weigh Station, Southbound.
  • Booth Ranch Northbound Weigh Station.
  • Booth Ranch Southbound Weigh Station.
Interstate 82
  • Umatilla Port of Entry, Southbound.
Interstate 84
  • Farewell Bend Port of Entry, Westbound.
  • Olds Ferry Weigh Station, Eastbound.
  • La Grande Weigh Station, Eastbound.
  • Emigrant Hill Weigh Station, Westbound.
  • Cascade Locks Port of Entry, Eastbound.
  • Wyeth Weigh Station, Westbound.
US Highway 97
  • Juniper Butte Weigh Station, Northbound.
  • Juniper Butte Weigh Station, Southbound.
  • Bend Weigh Station, Northbound.
  • Klamath Falls Port of Entry, Northbound.
  • Klamath Falls Weigh Station, Southbound.
OR Highway 730
  • Cold Springs Weigh Station, Westbound.
  • Cold Springs Weigh Station, Eastbound.
US Highway 30
  • Rocky Point Weigh Station, Westbound.

To check the current status of our weigh-in-motion sites and sign up for email alerts for status changes, visit our Green Light Weigh-in-Motion System Status web page.

Carrying both transponders will likely cause problems because each transponder simultaneously emits its identifying signal. Even if you are traveling in Oregon with your Green Light transponder mounted correctly and your PrePass transponder stored in the glove box, there is still a good chance the system will detect the PrePass transponder signal first and spoil the chance to preclear the weigh station.

For trucks with both transponders, we recommend:

  • Use just the Oregon Green Light transponder.
  • Return the other transponder to Prepass.
  • Call 1-800-PrePass to ask them to enroll your Green Light transponder identification number into the PrePass preclearance system.

PrePass Transponders

Motor carriers with a PrePass transponder can sign up to use it in Oregon’s Green Light Preclearance Program. Carriers wanting to use their PrePass transponder in Oregon should contact the PrePass Customer Service Center at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277). Their hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00am to 7:00pm Mountain Time (excluding holidays). Request your PrePass transponder to be enrolled in the Oregon Green Light Program. PrePass will then contact us to complete the enrollment process.

Terms and Conditions of Transponder Usage in Oregon

  • Transponders are installed only on designated vehicles and in accordance with ODOT policies.
  • Carrier may bypass an open port or weigh station only when the transponder indicates a green light.
  • Exception: Carriers whose vehicles are operating under a variance permit other than an extended weight permit must report to the weigh station even if they receive a green light.
  • Carrier will report any changes in the transponder application information to ODOT's Motor Carrier Transportation Division at 503-378-6054.
  • Carrier will report any changes in vehicles added to or removed from fleet operations to ODOT´s MCTD at 503-378-6054.
  • Carrier agrees to allow its registration base state to provide information regarding International Fuel Tax Agreement  and International Registration Plan accounts to ODOT´s MCTD for the purpose of providing bypass preclearance to its vehicles.

Transponder Battery Replacement
The Truck Transponder Service Center in Salem can refurbish transponders for about $19 each, so they can be used for another 5 to 7 years.

Batteries Plus Bulbs
3045 Lancaster Drive NE
Salem, OR 97305
Phone: 503-967-3691
Hours: Monday thru Friday 8am - 8pm
           Saturday 9am - 7pm
           Sunday 10am - 6pm

The Green Light Preclearance Program is also interoperable with the Drivewyze Preclear bypass service.

Motor carriers that enroll in the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service are eligible to bypass ten of Oregon’s preclearance locations with the remaining twelve sites soon to follow.

The new Drivewyze sites are located in:
  • Woodburn (north and southbound).
  • Booth Ranch (north and southbound).
  • Ashland (north and southbound).
  • Southwest of Juniper Butte (north and southbound).
  • Wyeth (westbound).
  • Rocky Point (westbound).
Drivewyze equipped carriers and owner operators do not need to enroll separately in the Oregon Green Light program and do not need to obtain a separate transponder.

Drivewyze PreClear is a software service that uses GPS and the internet instead of a transponder. It runs hands-free on many brands of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and other in-cab telematics devices including tablets and smartphones.

For more information about Drivewyze, including a full list of compatible ELDs and other in-cab devices, please visit the Drivewyze website.

Carriers are advised to watch for the OPEN / CLOSED sign at the entrance to Green Light weigh stations. Regardless of a red light transponder signal, a weigh station CLOSED sign takes precedence and excuses trucks from stopping.
Although a Green Light weigh station may be manned and appear to be open, enforcement officers will occasionally activate the CLOSED sign when:
  • Trucks back up in the queue.
  • Officers are busy processing trucks.


  • As you cross the weigh-in-motion scales, a device emits a laser beam across the roadway.
  • If your truck breaks the beam, it is higher than the legal limit and the Green Light system is programmed to send a red light signal to your transponder.
  • Even a truck operating within height limits could get a red light if a loose tarp flapping above the truck trips the laser beam.


  • The weigh-in-motion scales are set to err on the side of caution.
  • If your truck is under the legal limit or very close to that limit, the system may send a red light signal to your transponder and require that you check your weight on the weigh station static scales.


  • A truck will get a red light signal on its transponder if the trucking company has an unsatisfactory safety rating.
  • Green Light will also not preclear trucks operated by a company that is participating in the Performance and Registration Information Systems Management safety improvement program.

egistration and Tax

  • A truck will get a red light signal on its transponder if the trucking company´s account is suspended for failing to meet some regulatory requirement.
  • This can include failing to pay highway-use taxes or other fees.

​Motor carriers have saved over 2 million hours by not having to enter Oregon weigh stations. Operating cost savings have exceeded $250 million.

​The program currently serves 3,924 companies with 31,104 trucks equipped with transponders. See how preclearance participation has grown:

  • January 2018 — 25 million.
  • July 2015  —  20 million.
  • February 2012  —  15 million.
  • July 2008  —  10 million.
  • January 2005  —  5 million.
  • February 2001  —  1 million.

Pollution Reduction Index


Contact Us

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