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Roadside Enforcement and Scale Operations

Operating in Oregon

Chains and Traction Tires
See the minimum chain requirements for Oregon on our ODOT TripCheck website.

Oregon Ports of Entry
Our TripCheck website has contact information for each Oregon Port of Entry. 
These locations will have one or both of the following services available:
  • Driver and Motor Carrier Safety Inspection Services.
  • Size and Weight Enforcement
Oregon Entry and Enforcement Policies

Commercial Vehicle (CV) Tax and Registration
Visit our Tax Program Services web page.

​Oversize and/or overweight vehicles are required to obtain a variance permit. Visit our Over-Dimension Operations page for more information.
Contact the enforcement region near you.

​CCD has been providing technical training to motor carriers for many years. Instructor involvement includes:
  • Meeting in person with drivers and carriers.
  • Answering questions by phone or email.
  • Forwarding a PowerPoint presentation on a subject.
Our enforcement staff can provide classes and presentations covering:
  • Motor carrier regulations.
  • Weigh station scale crossing procedures.
  • Truck size and weight laws.
  • Over-dimension permit requirements.
  • Federal motor carrier safety regulations and inspection procedures.
  • Oregon weight-mile tax and truck registration requirements.
​Did you receive a warning, citation or “fix it ticket” from an inspection, a warning or a citation? Please see the following instructions to comply with different types of citations.

Resulting from an inspection the reference number on the paperwork given to you by the inspector begins with OR. Find safety inspection information on our Truck Safety web page or call 503-378-6963.

Warning – Notice of Violation
A warning has a reference number beginning with CE and serves as a record that a driver / carrier has been informed that a violation occurred and continued operation may be subject to citation if the violation is not corrected. The warning is added to Oregon motor carrier records and does not affect a driver’s record.

Oregon Uniform Motor Carrier Citation and Complaint
Citations have a reference number beginning with WM, has court information, a court appearance date and a presumptive fine. Follow instructions for one of the available options.

Need to Pay a Ticket?
Contact the court listed on your citation.
Lost a Ticket?
Contact the county where you received the citation or Motor Carrier Enforcement Operations by email or phone 971-718-7946.

Oregon Weigh Stations

See a map of all Oregon scale locations.

​Commercial vehicles and vehicle combinations exceeding 20,000 pounds:
  • Must stop and weigh at an Open scale when a sign posted before the scale reads "All Trucks Over 20,000# GVWR Next Right."
All commercial vehicles and vehicles combinations with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds or greater:
  • Must stop and weigh at an Open scale without this posted sign.
The following are exempt from the requirements of reporting to an open scale when directed to do so by an Open sign. See ORS 818.400(2).
  • An empty log truck and bunked pole trailer.
  • A vehicle or combination of vehicles that is enroute to a terminal or other legitimate business that requires turning off the highway after passing the Open sign but before reaching the scale.
  • A vehicle or combination of vehicles directed to bypass by a weigh-in-motion system. Exception: Vehicles transporting an oversize and/or heavy haul load must stop at Open scales even if they receive a green light on their transponder.
  • Fire equipment with red warning lights and/or siren operating.
  • Recreational Vehicles operated solely for personal use.
  • A bus, unless required by signage to enter scale.
  • Military vehicles in convoy.
​ODOT cannot "certify" weights for public vehicles. A private or public scale will usually weigh a vehicle and provide a "certified" weight receipt for a fee. Not all truck stops have a scale and those that do may or may not be certified.

If you find the weight of your vehicle requires credentials from Motor Carrier, please call CCD Registration at 503-378-6699.

Examples of when the public may want to weigh their vehicles.
  • Military personnel need to weigh their rental truck before and after loaded (could be for relocation reimbursement purposes).
  • Just bought a new piece of equipment and don't know what it weighs.
  • Just started operating and want to ensure they don't overload their vehicles.
  • ​Operational 24/7 for public use, including when the sign on the highway may indicate the scale is closed.
  • Only closed to the public during repair status.


NOTE: You are subject to a citation and fine if a Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer or Compliance Safety Officer observes an overweight credential or other traffic violation.

Visit the Green Light Preclearance Program web page for more information and Oregon weigh-in-motion sites.​
  • The Green Light weigh-in-motion preclearance system verifies truck size, weight, registration and safety records as you drive on the freeway.
  • It is a free, voluntary service available to carriers operating in Oregon.

Contact Us

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Field Services Technical Analyst
Phone: 971-718-7946
Office hours: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
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Hours of Operation (Pacific Time)
Offices: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Commercial Vehicle Tax Service Center
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Commercial Vehicle Tax Service Center


Roads and Travel

511 or 1-800-977-ODOT (within Oregon)
503-588-2941 (outside Oregon)