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Connect Oregon - Dedicated Projects Final Review Committee

ODOT received six pre-proposals for the Connect Oregon dedicated projects related to the Mid-Willamette Valley Intermodal Facility and Treasure Valley Intermodal Facility as specified in HB 2017 in December 2017. Three of these prospective projects have declined to continue to participate in the process. 

The remaining three project sponsors submitted their proposals by the September 30, 2018 deadline. In accordance with OAR 731-035-0065, the proposals have been reviewed by a neutral third party with economic analysis expertise. On January 11, 2019, a Final Review Committee met and recommended that the Treasure Valley and Millersburg proposals be funded. The Commission received the recommendations, presentations from the project sponsors and heard from the public at their February meeting. The sponsors are working on providing additional materials to assist in the OTC’s decision making process and will present these at the May meeting.


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