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Print Materials by Topic

How to Order Printed Safety Materials

The Transportation Safety Division offers free booklets, brochures, posters, stickers, and other materials designed to promote safe driving, biking and walking. 

There are no costs for ordering these items if the request is within the program limit amount. For larger orders, a special printing can be arranged at cost. The listings in the catalog are updated as materials are added or discontinued. 

List of Publications by Topic



The Bicyclist's Survival Guide - Digital format only
Oregon Bicyclist Manual - Stock #330430
Bicycle Commuting in Winter - Digital format only
Pass Safely - English - Digital format only
Pass Safely - Spanish - Digital format only
Look Yield Save a Life 1 - Digital format only
Look Yield Save a Life 2 - Digital format only
Bike Helmet Poster - Stock #330333


Distracted Driving Eyes on the Road - Stock #330575


Caution Avoid This Kind of Rollover Minutes - Digital format only
One Call Can Wreck Your Day - Digital format only


Distracted Driving is a Killer - Digital format only
Hang Up on the Road - Stock #330013


The Road to Getting Your License - Stock #330060


Oregon Driver Manual - Stock #300011
Oregon Parent Guide to Teen Driving - Stock #300042


Oregon Parent-Teen Vehicle Usage Contract - Digital format only


Green State - Digital format only


Oregon Motorcycle Map - Stock #330436
Fact Sheets
NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts  - Published by National Highway Transportation Safety Administration
New Motorcycle Laws Fact Sheet - Digital format only


Selected State Statutes - Stock #330433
Be Visible - Stock #330007
Rapid Flash Beacons - Stock #330554
Coloring Sheet

Walking Safety​ - Digital format only

Look Out For Each Other - Digital format only


Read Your Road - Published by the Federal Highway Administration

Say What You See Campaign

Infographic​ - Digital format only


Billboard/Bumper Stickers


Slow Down in School Zones - Stock #330024
Coloring Sheet

Walking Safety​ - Digital format only
A Pathway to Safety - Game Theme - Digital format only
A Pathway to Safety - Map Theme - Digital format only
Social Media
School's In Watch Out for Kids 1 - Spanish - Digital format only


Don't Zone Out - Digital format only
Slow For My Sake and Yours - Digital format only
Fines Double 24/7 - Digital format only


Fines Double 24/7 Workers or Not - Stock #330579
Slow Down Better Roads Ahead - Stock #330516

Coloring Sheet

Sam the Safety Cone - Stock #330566


Don't Zone Out in Work Zones - Digital format only

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