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Oregon Toll Program

Oregon Tolling

Whether we're commuting for work, visiting friends and family, or exporting products, we all rely on Oregon's transportation system to get us where we need to go – safely and efficiently.

Portland's increasing traffic congestion creates delays, unsafe travel conditions and economic losses for the region and the state. Current transportation funding isn't keeping up with needed maintenance and repairs.

Tolling is part of ODOT's long-term strategy to manage congestion and sustainably raise revenue for projects that will make it easier and safer to drive, walk, bike and take transit in the Portland metro region. We are working to develop two toll projects based on legislative direction: the I-205 Toll Project on the Abernethy Bridge and the Regional Mobility Pricing Project on I-5 and I-205.

ODOT is partnering with the Washington Department of Transportation on the Interstate Bridge Replacement, which is also proposing tolls as a funding source and tool for congestion management.

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ODOT - How will tolling work? from Oregon Toll Program.

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Learn how tolls raise revenue and improve traffic

In Oregon, tolls are being planned to help manage traffic and raise funds for roadway or bridge improvements. We are working to achieve these goals while limiting the number of cars that will reroute onto nearby streets.