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Enrollment policies

Enrollment Policies - Effective Jan. 1, 2019

Enrollment process

A student is enrolled in a course after his or/her completed registration form is received and payment of fees is validated. The training program may maintain a waiting list for courses. A student must complete this enrollment process:

  • Select course you want to register for posted on the registration page. Click registration link to begin online registration process.

  • Once the electronic registration process is completed, be on the lookout for an automated email containing payment options.

  • If seating is limited, the date and time that registrations were received will generally determine the order in which students are enrolled.

Payment of fees

All fees must be paid and successfully validated (i.e., credit card transactions) before a student is considered enrolled in a course.

There are two exceptions to this policy which allow additional processing time:

  • Student whose fees are paid by employers or jurisdictions, such as cities and counties

  • Student whose fees are paid through special training programs, such as Job Corps or re-employment companies

A student in these circumstances should contact the training program at 503-373-7974 or email


All refund requests must be submitted in writing to

Qualifying refunds

  • 100% refund if inspector training course has not begun
  • 50% if no more than 50 percent of course has been completed
  • OIC only – no refund will be given as the OIC fee is considered an application fee. Failed exams require a new registration and application fee
  • BOC only – no refund; student will be placed in next available course
  • All refunds are subject to a $30 administrative fee to be withheld from refund amount
  • Refunds will be returned by which the payment was originally made, and to the person who made the payment
  • Refunds can take up to eight weeks

Canceled courses

The training program reserves the right to postpone or cancel any scheduled course or class due to low enrollment, inclement weather, instructor illness, or other business related or extenuating circumstances. Training staff will determine if the class needs to be rescheduled. Classes will not be held on holidays and may be rescheduled during a holiday week. 


Residential inspector certification courses

  • Student chooses to participate via an interactive online classroom or attend in person at the Salem training classroom. Either choice requires attendance during the designated class times
  • Student is required to attend live in Salem on the first day of the course and on progress exam days
  • State certification exam: student may use code book and code reference material. Lessons, hand written notes and electronic devices will not be allowed. Exam will be given at a proctored location

Other courses (Oregon Inspector Certification, Building Official Certification, Medical Gas Certification and Oregon Code Change classes)

  • Student is required to attend live at the designated class location


When attending live training, parking is free. Parking is NOT allowed in the row facing the complex. These spaces are for other business in the complex. View parking map for designated parking spaces.


Residential practicums

  • Student is allowed to miss 10% of the entire course; typically four absences, but may differ depending on course length
  • Late login may result in that percentage of time being deducted from that days total time, which applies toward the 10% that is allowed to be missed
  • Logging in late 5 minutes or more on class day will result in a full absence for that class day & count towards the number of allowed absences
  • An absence that exceeds the allowed missed will result in the student being dropped from the course
  • Student will be welcome in a future course
  • Unexcused absence – work related absences, vacations, etc.
  • Excused absences for unique or extenuating circumstances will be approved on a case-by-case basis; student should notify program staff as soon as possible of a required absence (Emergency hardship, lengthy medical leave, funeral, etc.)

Medical Gas course

  • No absences are allowed
  • A student who misses any portion of the course is required to take the complete course again

Building Official course

  • No absences are allowed
  • A student who misses any portion of course is required to take the complete course again
  • There are no lessons or exams for this course

Required course material

 If course has required materials, a student is responsible for purchasing and bring materials to each required live attendance. Some materials are available to downloaded from the BCD website. Please read individual course description pages for a complete list of materials required. The following are helpful links:

Course completion requirements to receive certification

  • Student attending class online is required to log into the classroom individually, as individual participation during class is required. This includes:
    • Be logged in and ready to begin class at the designated start time
    • Interact in class discussions
    • Answer questions posed by the instructor when asked
    • Students who live or work together must be on their own computer during class
    • Student is expected to be online exclusively during class time and not performing other duties or attending to other distractions
  • A student that exceeds the number of allowed unexcused absences during the course will be notified they will be unenrolled. Any refund that may apply will be given. Some exceptions apply. Contact training staff for more information on what absences are considered excused.
  • Course work (i.e., assigned homework, progress exams, state exam)
    • Course work must be submitted by the assigned due date
    • Course work submitted after the due date will not be accepted unless an extension was requested and approved in writing
    • Employer-related matters will not be considered for extensions
  • A score of 75 percent or higher on progress exams meets the state pass score
  • Completing course approves student to take the state certification exam. A passing score of 75% or more is needed to receive certification
  • Student who scores below 75% will be given the opportunity to re-test by submitting a re-application request and $80 application fee. A 30 day wait period is required before re-testing and will be given at a proctored location. Only two re-tests will be allowed. Any student who does not pass the state exam after the third try will need to take the full course again if they are interested in gaining the certification.

Certification records

Student who has successfully completed a course and passed the state certification exam (with a score of 75% or higher), will receive a paper copy of the certification in the mail.

  • Certification is generally issued within 48 hours after an exam is graded and can be viewed on the state's license holder search webpage.
  • A copy of certification will be sent by mail and should arrive within three weeks after issued
  • Those who currently work for a jurisdiction at the time of examination, are not allowed to use the certification until it is has been issued and can be found on the state's license web page. All other individuals are not allowed to use the certification until employed by a building department in Oregon.
  • All certifications are subject to renewal and state continuing education requirements to remain active after issuance.

Questions? Email

Note: These policies are updated periodically and subject to change.

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