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Certification qualifications and training

Effective September 6, 2018

In 2016, the Building Codes Division (the division) implemented a policy requiring inspectors with limited Oregon inspection experience to complete one of three code certification courses from the state. Individuals wishing to convert a national certification need to submit a national certification conversion application and complete a course before the national certification could be converted to an Oregon certification. Many inspectors chose a course that was different than the national certification they already possessed. This policy helped re-enforce cross-training of inspectors into multiple disciplines and also helped establish a connection to the state training program.

Based on continued staff shortages within the division’s training program, the state is no longer able to provide some of the training courses previously available. Going forward, the state will continue to recognize national certifications and allow inspectors to convert those national certifications to Oregon certifications, but we will not require completion of an additional class prior to conversion.

To assist with the division’s goal of ensuring new or out-of-state inspectors familiarize themselves with Oregon’s unique system, the state will enhance the Oregon Inspector Certification training class. All inspectors, regardless of their training and experience, are required to complete an enhanced Oregon Inspector Certification class. This approach recognizes the limitation of state resources and reduces an extra step, but also is in alignment with the state’s goal to ensure basic understanding of the Oregon system.

Should the state be able to re-institute classes, those classes will be an individual choice going forward, and not required to convert a national certification or sit for an Oregon code certification examination, as long as the enhanced Oregon Inspector Certification Class has been completed.

We expect the state to continue to refine its training program to meet ongoing resource challenges at the state, as well as the ongoing challenges of statewide inspector shortages.


Only courses currently accepting students have active registration links. Visit the course descriptions page for detailed information. The Inspector Training Program uses an electronic registration process for all courses.

When a registration is open for enrollment and has been posted below, or you have been emailed a registration link, click on the link to open the registration landing page to begin. After completing the registration, you will receive a series of automated emails regarding payment options and your status. Automated emails can take up to 24 hours to be received.

Automated emails are generated from Adobe Connect. Emails are labeled as being sent by a BCD staff member, but if you do not receive the email, check the junk or spam folder in your email system, then mark the email as safe so you receive the remaining emails.

Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC) class registration

Individuals must meet one of the criteria listed on the OIC class description page in order to qualify for registration. Please view the description. This class is a one and one-half day class typically held on the third Thursday and Friday of each month. Live attendance is required at BCD's Salem training room. Please contact training staff for additional information and to register.

Inspector certification course registration

Enrollment in residential training courses can fill up within minutes of opening. Registration links generally become active at 8:00 a.m. on registration day. Individuals who do not yet have an active OIC, will be also need to register for the next available OIC class. Visit the OIC course description page for complete details. Training staff will contact you with OIC registration details after successful registration of a training course.

Note: Registration dates periodically change, so check back for updates.

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