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Elevator labels

Elevator minor labels

Only licensed elevator contractors may purchase elevator minor labels.
The installation may not exceed the scope of the license.

Exceptions and limitations

No more than one elevator minor label or specialty area minor label can be used on any single project at one address; one minor label may be used in an elevator every 30 days.

The work allowed under an elevator minor label does not include replacing elevator equipment with equipment that is not of the same design.

When using an elevator minor label, fill in the information required on the minor label and attach it on or near the controller in the machine space.

Elevator online user guide

Governors, piping, and signal equipment

  • Replacement or repair of elevator signal equipment, including emergency signaling and communications equipment.
  • Replacement or repair of pressure piping, piping connections, valves, or fittings.
  • Replacement or repair of speed governors.


  • Replacement or repair of hydraulic machine motors.
  • Replacement or repair of hydraulic control valves.

Entrance assembly, doors, and gates

  • Replacement or repair of a reopening device for power-operated car doors or gates.
  • Replacement or repair of elevator entrance assembly.
  • Installation, replacement, repair, or modernization of car top controls, door operators or security card readers.

Elevator car interior

  • Replacement or repair of elevator car lighting or fans.
  • Replacement, repair, or modernization of elevator car enclosure linings and floor coverings.
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