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Plumbing labels

Plumbing minor labels

Contractor licenses which can use plumbing minor labels:

  • Plumbing Business (PB)
  • Plumbing Business and Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor (PM)
  • Plumbing and Boiler Business (BP)
  • Plumbing and Boiler Business and Maintenance Specialty Contractor HVAC/R (PBH)

* If you do not have one of these licenses you will not be able to purchase plumbing minor labels. Contact the Licensing Department to obtain a license.

* Contractors installing electric water heaters must have a Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor (LMS) license, or subcontract with an electrical contractor for the electrical connection.


Contractors cannot use plumbing minor labels for:
  • Plumbing apprentices cannot work under a minor label.
  • Cross-connection control devices;
  • New construction;
  • Work on fire-extinguishing or smoke evacuation systems;
  • Chemical or industrial liquid waste and vent piping;
  • Combination waste and vent systems.

Residential installations

Individual license required:

  • Water Heater Installers (WHI) Must also have LMS contractors license;
  • Journeyman Plumber (JP)

Scope of work:

  • OAR 918-780-0140(2).
  • Repair, replacement, or maintenance of water heaters, including water heater conversions. Must specify if the water heater is GAS or ELECTRIC.
  • Alteration of parts of an existing plumbing system not exceeding three fixtures, or 20 feet of new piping or both provided the work is “accessible” to an inspector; or
  • Repair or replacement of concealed freeze-damaged or leaking parts of an existing plumbing system not exceeding three fixtures, or 20 feet of new piping or both. Plumbing fixtures include, but are not limited to, bathtubs, bidets, showers, sinks, and water closets.

Commercial installations

Individual license required:

  • Journeyman Plumber (JP)

Scope of work:

  • OAR 918-780-0140(1).
  • Accessible plumbing repair and maintenance;
  • Replacement of up to three accessible plumbing appliances, appurtenances or fixtures as defined in the Plumbing Specialty Code; or
  • Replacement of up to 20 feet of plumbing piping.
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