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UPDATE Minor labels

Minor Labels can be purchased online or in person. Pick-up orders are by appointment only, and can be scheduled by calling 503-378-2804. We do not print or process in-person or pick-up orders on Fridays.

What you need to know

Minor labels can be used anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Oregon law prohibits using more than 10 minor labels without reporting installations to the division first.
Labels must be reported within 30 days of being used.

Only licensed contractors can buy minor labels. The contractor responsible for all labels issued to the company, until they are reported online or the unused expired labels are returned to Building Codes Division.

Requirements to purchase minor labels

To set up an online account you will need:

  • Building Codes Division (BCD) contractors license
  • Construction Contractors Board (CCB) license
  • Visa, MasterCard, or Discover
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Note: You create your own user ID.

Once you have created your account, you can order minor labels.

Labels are sold in sets of 10. Including surcharges; a set of 10 costs $140. This also includes the inspection fee for one inspection. Minor labels are generally processed and printed within two working days and mailed to you from the office in Salem.

Using minor labels

The labels are preprinted with important information. There is a space for you to fill in the installation date and job description.

When you arrive at a jobsite where you are using a minor label:

  • Fill in the specified information and attach the larger portion to the electrical panel before work is started.
  • Attach the smaller portion with the label number to the work order.
  • Record the installation information for each label online within 30 days.
  • When an inspection has been completed an email notification will be sent with results.
  • Some contractors use the minor label log to keep track of their labels. Do not send in logs.
  • Need help? Use the online user guide.

Important information

The rule allows one minor label per project per jobsite. If the work exceeds the scope of a minor label, then you need to purchase a full permit from the local building department.

If a minor label has been posted on a jobsite for a previous unrelated project you may use a new minor label.

Residential - A single family home or a duplex (also referred to as 1- and 2-family dwellings). Triplex or larger dwellings are considered commercial properties.

Commercial - Any business or industrial building is commercial. Any dwelling with three (3) or more living units; including apartment complexes and condos, is considered commercial.​

Once 10 labels have been reported online, one of the installations is randomly chosen for inspection. The local building department for the jobsite is automatically notified to send an inspector out to look at the job.

You can check your online account to view inspection results, a record of all installations, and purchasing history. You can also update your company information.

Failing a minor label is expensive.

If an inspectio​n fails, you have 10 calendar days to dispute the inspection report by notifying the division. Fees are paid to the jurisdiction directly, at the hourly inspection rate.

Another label from the same lot of 10 is randomly selected for inspection at the rate of $75 paid directly to the jurisdiction.

If three inspections from the same lot of labels fail, a full permit for each of the remaining labels in the lot is required.​​​​​​​

Labels cannot​ be used after the expiration date; no exceptions.​

​If an unused label has expired, you are required to mail it back to the division; ful​​filling the reporting requirement and removing your responsibility.​

Mailing address:
Minor Label Program
P.O. Box 14470
Salem, OR 97309​​-0404

If a label has been lost or destroyed, report it to the division as soon as possible.

Send an email to: with the label number of the unused lost label.

Only unused labels can be reported as lost. A label reported as lost is no longer a valid permit.

Minor labels are non-refundable and will not be replaced. You are still responsible for any label number assigned to your company. Reporting a label as lost does not fulfill the reporting requirement.