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BLSW Rules Are Currently Under Review

BLSW Div 1 Div 5 Proposed Amendments 01.21.22
BLSW Div 10 Proposed Amendments 01.21.22
BLSW Div 15 Proposed Amendments 01.21.22
BLSW Div 20 Proposed Amendments 01.21.22
BLSW Div 25 Proposed Amendments 01.21.22

OAR Review Summary Chart 01.21.22

Good Morning,

The Board of Licensed Social Workers regularly reviews its rules to ensure that they:

1.    Still do what they were initially intended to do when they were written;
2.    Describe the best most efficient processes to accomplish their goals; and
3.    Reflect the appropriate norms for inclusive language, as well as accurately describing current

We have been working on this project over the past several years and have developed proposed
revisions to several rules in Divisions -001, -005, -010, -015, -020, and -025 of Chapter 877 of the Oregon
Administrative Rules. The proposed changes have been reviewed by the board and by the board’s Rule
Advisory Committee and are scheduled for a public hearing* on February 25, 2022, at 1:00PM.

We have posted copies of the proposed revisions on the Board’s website in five separate documents.
The link to the proposed rule revisions is included below.

We would like to give you, as a BLSW licensee, an opportunity to review our work and to tell us
thoughts. We have included with the five rule documents a chart that summarizes the changes that are
proposed in each document. The chart gives you a place to write your comments as you review the
rules. You can simply scan the chart and email it to me at Of course,
we’ll take your comments in whatever form you choose to send them – but be sure to include the rule
number so that we can accurately track your comments.

The public hearing is an opportunity to let us hear your comments first-hand, but it is not required. If
you choose to send us your comments in writing, they will become part of the record that the board
considers as it decides how to proceed with the proposed revisions. Just make sure that you send your
comments to me by the end of the day on February 25.

Following the public hearing the board will compile the comments for the board’s review; the board will
have the opportunity to review and consider your input before making a final decision on the proposed

*The hearing will be held by video conference. If you would like to participate in the hearing, please let
me know by email at so that I can send you the conference link.

On behalf of the Board of Licensed Social Workers, thank you for your work as an Oregon social worker
and your interest in maintaining the highest standards for the profession.  

Randy Harnisch, Executive Director