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New Licensing Portal and Logon Instructions

Access the licensing system Here - Portal Logon

Portal Tips and Tricks

*Be advised Microsoft Explorer and Edge are not compatible. Use Firefox, or Google Chrome. The renewal system IS NOT Mobile Friendly, so is not able to be done on a mobile device. MAC Users are highly encouraged to use Google Chrome, as Safari may not be completely compatible with some tasks.

After two unsuccessful attempts getting in, we highly encourage you to submit a request for a password reset. This will also give you the opportunity to reset the security questions if they are causing login issues.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW YOUR PASSWORD AND SECURITY ANSWERS. The system is not wrong, it only knows what you entered the first time when you set it up, or during reset requests. It is case sensitive and a space or character is considered part of the response. If you get locked out, you will need to reach out to the board to unlock your account. If we are unable to respond, or if it is outside of office hours, it is not a reason for any fee waivers. Be sure you are renewing or submitting your continuing education well in advance to prevent contact issues. We are a very busy office and may not be able to reach you in time for an urgent request.

Your primary email address is your secured logon and your primary contact for the board. If you choose to use your work email as the primary email address, be sure to change it immediately upon terminating your employment. If you cannot get into your email, you will not receive your password resets.

If you do not receive the email with the temporary password, you are either on an incompatible browser system, or the information you submitted does not match ours. For security reasons, you will not receive a temporary password if your information does not match. At this point, you will need to call or email us to update information.

If you cannot reach us through the main board number or email, our direct line and emails are listed on the Licensing Staff link to the left.

As a licensee or new applicant you will need to create an individualized portal to submit any documents to the board. The new system will also allow you to view details on your license, you have never been able to before. This is a new system for all of us, so we are here to assist you, however please have patience as there may be things we will learn together.

Please be aware that you will need to enter your email address to start the process. If the system does not recognize your email, you will need to use your alternate email which also received this notice. If the system does not recognize either of your emails, call 503 378-5735 or email at We are a busy office, both phone and email, so please make sure you try both emails before calling.  You will later have the opportunity to change to your preferred email.

Your step by step instruction on How To Create Your Licensee Portal. Feel free to use this as your guide.

Problems Logging On?

You must be using a compatible browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. The system is not compatible with mobile devices, Microsoft explorer, or edge. Safari is not suggested but sometimes will work. It is not consistent.

You can only sign on using the last(current) email address we have on file for you.

if you are looking to access your application, make sure you are on the applicant portal NOT the licensee portal. You are not a licensee until after the application is approved and you have been issued a license number.

If you still can't log in.
Call 503-378-5735


All renewals are to be completed through the new licensing system.  All licenses except CSWA must load all continuing education activities, before you can complete the renewal. If this is your first renewal with a new license type, you will not need to submit any continuing education. Refer to your initial letter, or the continuing education page for details. 

Renewal notices will be sent out by email to the primary email we have on file 45 days prior to your renewal. Subsequent reminders will also go out during the month of your renewal. Renewing your professional license is your responsibility, and if you do not receive or see the email sent, it is not a valid reason for not renewing and late fees can not be waived. Please remember your renewal date is also the month of your birthday, every 2 years for all licensed except CSWA's which renew annually.

If you are seeing the message "you must submit your continuing education requirements before renewing" you have not met the requirements. Make sure you have submitted 6 in Ethics and 6 in Cultural Competency. Even if you have over the total required amount, if you have not met the specialties, you have not met the requirements.


The new system will allow CSWA's and supervisors access to current CSWA plans and hours.

A new version of the evaluation form has been added to the Forms tab, and the Clinical Associate Information page. Upload the new form along with the hours you enter in the system under 6 month evaluations.