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The nature of work has substantially changed. The rise of knowledge work and the evolution of technology afford Oregon state government the opportunity to reimagine the work we do.

Work Reimagined highlights and encourages the ability to work remotely. Working remotely is a mutually agreed upon work option between the agency and the employee in which the employee works at an alternate worksite, such as the employee’s home (​Policy 5​0.050.01​.) Working remotely is also referred to as “telecommuting” or​ “teleworking.”

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Section 2 - Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

Section 3 - Performance Accountability and Feedback Model

Oregon's training on the ​Performance Accountability and Feedback​ model provides managers with a simple process and the tools to:

  • Set clear expectations a​nd performance measures.
  • Effectively provide feedback and coaching.
  • Conduct quarterly check-ins with employees.

Please note, this training and the quarterly check-ins are ONLY MANDATORY for supervisory managers who manage subordinate managers. If you don’t fall into that category then implementing the Performance Accountability and Feedback model is optional for you. If you have questions about this training or the Oregon Management Project (TOMP), email chro.tomp@oregon.gov​.


Working remotely one-pager

Working remotely policy

For more information email work.remotely@oregon.gov