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Employee resources and state workforce

​Welcome to the Workday Help Desk support page. Please take a moment to review our W​orkday Training page to determine if your question may be answered in one of our many step-by-step job aids. If you do not find the support you need, use the lists​ below to find your local agency's contact information.


Workday technical and HR contacts​

For Workday login assistance or technical issues, ​and agency-specific HR questions, please find your agency contact below. 

You can filter and sort this list of contacts ​by clicking on Agency number, Agency name, HR phone or HR contact​.   

10000Department of Human &
10700Department of Administrative
10800Mental Health Regulatory
11400Long Term Care
11500Employment Relations
11900Board of Tax
12000Board of
12400Board of Licensed Social
13700Department of
14100Department of State
14200Oregon Office of the Legislative
14300Oregon Legislative Policy & Research
14400Oregon Legislative Revenue
14500Oregon Legislative Fiscal
15000Department of
15500Oregon Legislative
15600Oregon Legislative Administration
16500Oregon Secretary of State
19800Oregon Judicial
24800Oregon Military 
25000Oregon State Marine
25700Oregon State
25800Department of Emergency
25900Department of Public Safety Standards &
27400Oregon Department of Veterans'
29100Department of
33000Department of
34000Department of Environmental
39900Psychiatric Security Review
40400Public Defense
41500Oregon Youth
42500Oregon Commission on Indian
44000Department of Consumer and Business
44300Oregon Health
44300Oregon State HospitalFor password resets
45900Public Employees Retirement
52500Higher Education Coordinating
54300Oregon State
58100Oregon Department of
58400Teacher Standards and
58500Commission for the
60300Oregon Department of Agriculture
62900Department of
63200Department of Geology & Mineral
63400Department of Parks and
63500Department of Fish and
66000Department of Land Conservation and
66200Board of
69000Water Resources
69100Watershed Enhancement
73000Department of
81100Board of Chiropractic
833417Oregon Mortuary & Cemetery
833426Board of Medical Imaging
833428Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology &
83400Oregon Board of
83900Bureau of Labor and
84500Oregon Liquor & Cannabis
84700Oregon Medical
85500Board of
91400Housing and Community 
91500Construction Contractor's
91900Real Estate
96600Board of Engineering and Land
96700Board of Geologist
96800Board of Massage
97300Landscape Contractors Board503-967-6291 Ext.
97800Oregon Patient Safety