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Governor Brown has tasked the Reopening Advisory Team with developing a report ​on reopening remaining state government offices ​to the public. The Team focused on public access, workforce re-entry to state office buildings, discussions on hybrid telecommuting, current in-office staff, information technology needs, workspace, facilities, parking, human resource policies and much more. ​

Team roster

Final report (released 7/6/21)

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Frequent​ly asked questions

​The Reopening Advisory Team will submit a report focusing on equity and supporting policies to all state agencies consistent with labor agreements and the Governor's Office policy around:

  • ​Employee connection and morale
  • Performance management
  • In-state remote work
  • Out-of-state remote work
  • Facilities
  • Parking
  • Workplace Safety
  • ​Technology
  • Ergonomics
  • Public access

​​Probably not. The pandemic has provided the state opportunity to see that remote work can be an option for employees. The Advisory team is basing the report on the assumption that the state will embrace the hybrid workplace model (wherever possible), and offer suggestions for agencies to reopen based on business need and ability for remote work.​

​​The target date to reopen remaining state offices to the public September 1, 2021.​​

​​​​​We will be following published health and safety guidelines. We expect that guidelines will be changing over the next few months. Please follow the latest guidance at http​s://govstatus.egov.com/or-oha-face-covering​s​.​

Agencies will be working on implementation plans in July and August and begin implementing guidance in September 2021 as remaining state offices reopen to the public.


Employee engagement survey results

The project team created an employee engagement survey in order to better understand the needs of the workforce. Thank you for participating! We received close to a 50% response rate with over 19,500 responses. This will help tremendously in crafting the report​ on reopening state government. The survey results are in and you can view them here.​​​​

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