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Employee resources and state workforce


Governor Brown tasked the Reopening Advisory Team with developing a report ​on reopening remaining state government offices ​to the public. The Team focused on public access, workforce re-entry to state office buildings, ​hybrid telecommuting, current in-office staff, information technology needs, workspace, facilities, parking, human resource policies and much more. ​

Team roster

Final report (released 7/6/21)

State​ office buildings that were closed
to the general public reopened May 1, 2022


Employee engagement survey results

The project team created an employee engagement survey in order to better understand the needs of the workforce. Thank you for participating! We received close to a 50% response rate with over 19,500 responses. This will help tremendously in crafting the report​ on reopening state government. The survey results are in and you can view them here.​​​​

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