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Resource Parents and Relative Caregivers

​​Certification and Renewal Requirements

 Training is required to become a resource parent or relative resource parent in Oregon.

​​Training Plan

Together with your certifier, a two year training plan will be developed based on your interests and training needs relevant to the age and gender of children you care for, including any unique issues related to mental and medical health, educational or developmental needs.

At least half (50%) of your training credits should be taken through face to face or interactive training. This includes:

  • Classroom training
  • Distance delivery (Netlink, webinar, online computer-based training)
  • Attending support groups
  • Conferences and seminars

The other 50% of your continuing training can be done through independent study, which includes reading books, articles, viewing videos and DVDs or listening to audio recordings.

Awarding training hours 

Classroom and distance training 

  • 3 hour course = 3 training credits (credits are based on the length of the training)

Library materials and videos 


  • 100-170 pages = 1.5 hour
  • 171-275 pages = 3 hours
  • 276 – 375 pages = 4 hours
  • Over 375 = 5 hours     
  • Over 475 = 6 hours 

DVDs and Videos

  • 75 – 90 minutes = 1.5 hour
  • 91 – 120 minutes = 2 hours
  • Over 120 hours = 3 hours

Counseling and therapeutic services

  • Count the time spent in part and involved in the session. 

Support groups, mentoring, advisory committees, associations and peer gatherings

A maximum of 12 credited training hours for any 24 month period can be awarded for attending support group related activities or meetings as follows:

  • Structured Support Group: Maximum of 3 training credits
  • Unstructured Support Group: Maximum of 2 training credits
  • Mentoring Between Resource Parents or Relative Resource Parent Providers: Maximum of 1.5 training credits
  • Resource Parent Advisory Committee or local Foster (Resource) Parent Association meeting: 1 training credit
  • Social Gatherings of Resource ​and Relative Resource Providers: .5 training credit