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Children's Care Licensing

​ ​Overview

The Child-Caring Agencies(CCA)​ Notifications Desk keeps children safe and helps CCAs succeed by providing critical information to those with interest or oversight of CCAs.  Information such as abuse allegations, concerns of regulatory violations and other complaints regarding CCAs is of great importance to:

  • Government agencies who contract with and provide oversight to CCAs,
  • Boards and Executive leadership of CCAs
  • Parents of Children in Care
  • Other groups and individuals with legal interest in the safety of children in CCAs.

The CCA Notifications Desk is responsible for notifications, tracking action items, compiling data, and providing consultation regarding sensitive information in varied and complex systems of care for children.  The team works closely with individual field offices of various government agencies, DHS programs, OHA, OYA, and Child-Caring Agencies to ensure consistent training and operations are following the intent of SB 1515. The CCA Notifications Desk manages the web-based system that is utilized to track detailed data used for improving operations and developing new approaches for identified systemic issues as well as reporting to the legislature as it relates to SB1515. It is an integral part in assuring the department’s compliance with SB 1515 that was passed in 2016.

  • The CCA Desk was a result of SB 1515 in 2016
  • The CCA Desk works closely with the Office of Training, Investigations and Safety (OTIS) Investigators, statewide screening units and Children’s Care Licensing Program to ensure safety of children
  • The CCA desk receives an average of over 190 reports of child abuse/neglect and program concerns a month.

Contact Information

If you have a report regarding concerns with a Child-Caring Agency please contact the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline (ORCAH) at 855-503-SAFE (7233).

If you have questions or need additional information about notification requirements with child-caring agencies, you can email or call one of the notifications consultants listed here:

Jennifer Clark – – 971-599-8002
Nicole Manley – – 971-718-3123

CCA Notifications Desk
201 High Street SE, Suite 500
Salem, OR 97301