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Children's Care Licensing

​Child-Caring Agencies (CCA) must comply with CCA Licensing Rules. The Umbrella Rules (OAR 413-215-000 to OAR 413-215-0136) are applicable to all licensed CCAs, regardless of the type of services they provide. Additionally, CCAs must comply with the specific rules associated with the types of services they provide. The specific program types are:

  • OAR 413-215-0201 to OAR 413-215-0276 are specific to Academic Boarding Schools
  • OAR 413-215-0401 to OAR 413-215-0481 are specific to Adoption Agencies
  • OAR 413-215-0801 to OAR 413-215-0856 are specific to Day Treatment Agencies
  • OAR 413-215-0301 to OAR 413-215-0396 are specific to Foster Care Agencies
  • OAR 413-215-0701 to OAR 413-215-0766 are specific to Homeless, Runaway, and Transitional Living Shelters
  • OAR 413-215-0901 to OAR 413-215-1031 are specific to Outdoor Youth Programs
  • OAR 413-215-0501 to OAR 413-215-0586 are specific to Residential Care Programs
  • OAR 413-215-1101 to OAR 413-215-1146 are specific to Secure Transportation Services​
  • OAR 413-215-0601 to OAR 413-215-0681 are specific to Therapeutic Boarding Schools