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Children's Care Licensing

​​​​​​Senate Bill 710 was passed in the regular 2021 legislative session and outlines new provisions for what is prohibited and permissible relating to restraint and involuntary seclusion of children receiving services from licensed child-caring agencies. SB710 added new reporting requirements anytime restraints and involuntary seclusion are used on a child in care. It created new requirements for secure transportation service providers who have to become licensed as child caring agencies. This provision applies to any secure transport provider who is based in Oregon, transporting any child in care who resides in the State of Oregon or is being transported through Oregon to or from a school, an organization, and other child caring agencies.​​

The Quarterly Restraint and Involuntary Seclusion reports will be posted under each child caring agency that can be accessed from the Child-Caring Agency Licensing ​Reports​ page .

The Children’s Care Licensing Program adopted temporary rules to meet the expectations defined by this legislation. The temporary administrative order CWP19-2021outlines the amended and adopted rules. 

Children’s Care Licensing Program regularly shares information regarding Senate Bill 710. Here you will find up to date information from the department that has been communicated to child caring agencies. If you didn’t find what you were looking for or need further clarification, please contact us.

Instructions: As required per SB 710, quarterly reports must be completed and submitted to the Children’s Care Licensing Program regarding the use of restraints and involuntary seclusion on children in care. Once completed, forms must be submitted to cclp​​​.  This report must also be posted on the child caring agency’s website, if applicable, and made available to the public upon request.

Restraints and Involuntary Seclusion (RIS) Forms