Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

​​​What is Compass?

In fall 2017, we launched the Compass Project. This is a large body of work that includes:

  • Developing and implementing the Oregon Needs Assessment
  • Reorienting our focus to person-centered planning 
  • Various rate setting efforts
  • Policy changes 
  • Waiver and K Plan revisions
  • Updates to the eXPRS system

The name Compass was chosen to highlight our agency's reorientation to our North Star of person-centered-planning. Read more about the project launch.

Current Compass work​

Blueprint Project

The Blueprint Project is a push to change the way case management looks and feels for children and adults in Oregon. Over the years, ODDS has heard from people with disabilities and their families that case management is not always working well. We agree, and we know we can do better. We want to make sure people understand what services are available to them and support every person to make their own choices no matter where they live, what language they speak and how they communicate.

Blueprint Project Focus Group Project Description​

Compass News​

6/30/2020Public Notice: Provider rate increase effective July 1, 2020
2/6/2020Compass Project update on service groups, the needs assessment and rates
1/22/2020Public notice: Input sought on waiver amendments
9/6/2019Compass update
9/6/2019Public notice: Input sought on waiver amendments
1/25/2019Public notice and comment period open until Feb. 25, 2019 on various Medicaid waivers and plan amendments
7/6/2018Public notice and request for comment on 1915 (c) #40193, #40194, and #0565 waiver amendments
6/29/2018Compass Update - ONA and records review
5/2/2018Oregon Needs Assessment update
12/1/2017Compass Project update: A pause on some items
10/31/2017Compass Project Update: Next steps for the Oregon Needs Assessment
9/25/2017Launch of strategic planning process and introducing the Compass Project

Compass Project History

Over the past few years, ODDS and stakeholders have done a lot of work to agree on our core values. This work helping ODDS make decisions about the future of services and supports.

Starting in the summer of 2013, with the approval of the K Plan, Oregon's services for people with I/DD were available to more people and provided more supports. This change honored many of our core values of self-determination, choice, community and independence. However, the rapid growth in services and the new focus on ADL/IADLs raised concerns about the future of the service system. ODDS needed to find a better way to provide necessary services, improve the planning process and stay true to the values of the DD system.

In September 2016, ODDS started an effort at the Oregon Legislature's direction "to take action to more efficiently align service authorization with people's needs, also consider appropriate limits." ODDS's action reduced service levels for many people receiving in-home services. In April 2017, however, impacted individuals filed suit against ODDS and the U.S. District Court entered a preliminary injunction requiring ODDS to restore in-home service levels to their pre-November 1, 2016, levels.  Those restored levels remain in effect for now.

ODDS and our partners and stakeholders have had been working hard with our stakeholders and partners to create a future for I/DD services focused on person-centered-planning. In 2017, ODDS began work on an agency-wide Strategic Plan​ to define our long-term vision and goals for the system, the actions we must achieve over the next two years to make progress toward our vision, and how we will measure our success in making the changes. With those goals in mind we mapped out what changes we need to make and how to measure our progress.