Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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8/4/2020Reminder of Contingency FundsEnglish
8/3/2020Upcoming assessment of the Oregon Intervention SystemEnglish
7/30/2020Phased County Guidance ReminderEnglish
7/29/2020Notice on Family Supports ProgramEnglish
7/29/2020Notice on Family Supports Program-VietnameseVietnamese​
7/29/2020Notice on Family Supports Program-SpanishSpanish
7/29/2020Notice on Family Supports Program-SomaliSomali
7/29/2020Notice on Family Supports Program-RussianRussian
7/29/2020Notice on Family Supports Program-KoreanKorean
7/29/2020Notice on Family Supports Program-ArabicArabic
7/24/2020Updated COVID 19 Guidance and ResourcesEnglish
7/21/2020Human Rights Commission flyer available in six primary languagesEnglish
7/14/2020Revised Testing GuidanceEnglish
7/10/2020Organizational improvementEnglish
7/6/2020Retainer Payments for ProvidersEnglish
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyEnglish
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and Safety SpanishSpanish
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyVietnamese​
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyKorean
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyArabic
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyRussian
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetySimplified Chinese
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetyTraditional Chinese
7/1/2020Reminder of COVID Guidelines and SafetySomali
6/30/2020Seeking members for a Human Rights CommissionEnglish
6/29/2020Announcing provider rate increasesEnglish
6/22/2020Mask Requirements and GuidanceEnglish
6/12/2020Safety ReminderEnglish
6/10/2020Phase 2 Reopening GuidanceEnglish
6/3/2020The NCI Child Family Survey begins this month
6/1/2020ODDS condems racismEnglish
5/14/2020Reopening GuidanceEnglish
5/1/2020Medical Rights InformationEnglish
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-SpanishSpanish
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-RussianRussian
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-VietnameseVietnamese​
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-ArabicArabic
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-KoreanKorean
5/1/2020Medical Rights Information-SomaliSomali
4/27/2020Leadership change at the Stabilization and Crisis UnitEnglish
4/17/2020COVID Update and Mandatory Reporter ReminderEnglish
4/14/2020Guidance Non-Discrimination TreatmentEnglish
4/14/2020Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-SpanishSpanish
4/14/2020Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-RussianRussian
4/14/2020Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese
4/14/2020Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese
4/14/2020Guidance Non-Discrimination Treatment-VietnameseVietnamese​
4/9/2020Cancellation of case management conferenceEnglish
4/8/2020Provider Rate IncreaseEnglish
4/7/2020ODDS Family SupportsEnglish
4/7/2020ODDS Family Supports-SpanishSpanish
4/7/2020ODDS Family Supports-RussianRussian
4/7/2020ODDS Family Supports-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese
4/7/2020ODDS Family Supports-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese
4/7/2020ODDS Family Supports-VietnameseVietnamese​
4/3/2020COVID Update and new Powtoon videoEnglish
4/1/2020ODDS Stay at Home MessageEnglish
4/1/2020ODDS Stay at Home Message-SpanishSpanish
4/1/2020ODDS Stay at Home Message-RussianRussian
4/1/2020ODDS Stay at Home Message-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese
4/1/2020ODDS Stay at Home Message-Traditional ChineseTraditional Chinese
4/1/2020ODDS Stay at Home Message-VietnameseVietnamese​
3/27/2020Weekly Covid Update DD Director MessageEnglish
3/20/2020Update on Covid 19English
3/17/2020In-Home Residential Covid MessageEnglish
3/13/2020Covid-19 UpdateEnglish
3/9/2020Covid-19 Web PageEnglish
3/5/2020Important message about COVID-19 and DD services-EnglishEnglish
3/5/2020Important message about COVID-19 and DD services-SpanishSpanish
3/4/2020Important message about COVID-19 and DD services-RussianRussian
3/3/2020Important message about COVID-19 and DD services-Simplified ChineseSimplified Chinese
3/2/2020Important message about COVID-19 and DD services-VietnameseVietnamese
2/25/2020Case Management Conference 2020
2/21/2020Upcoming staff stabiity survey and 2018 results
2/6/2020Compass Project update on service groups, the needs assessment and rates
1/6/2020Adult satisfaction survey begins this month
11/26/2019Thank you
11/12/2019Human Rights Commission open for applications
11/4/2019ODDS invited to give testimony in Washington, D.C.
10/2/2019Update on Centralized Abuse Management System
9/11/2019Celebrating Direct Support Professional Recognition Week!
9/6/2019Compass update
8/16/2019New federal rule on immigration and "public charge"
7/8/2019ODDS' 2019-21 budget and legislation
6/27/2019Thank you for the conference
6/18/2019DHS to send notices to persons possibly impacted by data breach
5/29/2019EVV Statewide Roll-Out
5/14/2019Staff Stability Survey
5/10/2019Case Management Conference
5/4/2019Understanding Oregon's I/DD system
5/2/20192017 Staff Stability Report for Oregon providers
3/20/2019NCI Child and Family Survey
3/7/2019Celebrating DD Awareness Month
3/1/2019Upcomig staff stability survey, and 2017 results
2/1/2019ODDS at Ways and Means, and upcoming stakeholder calls reminder
1/29/2019Case management survey is open - we want to hear your ideas
1/14/2019Federal shutdown and Oregon services
1/4/2019NCI Adult Survey
12/21/2018Electronic Visit Verification News
12/20/2018Update on DSP training
12/14/2018SACU director announcement
12/6/2018Governor’s recommended budget for 2019-2021
11/21/2018Supporting the Direct Support Professional workforce with new training opportunity
11/20/2018Readiness survey for Centralized Abuse Managemet system coming soon
11/20/2018Community forum in Springfield, Nov. 29
11/5/2018Nov. 15 & 16 forums in Clatsop, Tillamook Counties
10/15/2018We're holding community forums!
10/12/2018Update for DHS Quarterly Stakeholder meeting Oct. 15, 2018
10/11/2018Celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month
10/8/2018Join us for DHS stakeholder meeting/call on Oct. 15
9/12/2018Let's celebrate Direct Support Professionals Week!
9/11/20182019-2021 budget proposal
8/10/2018Leadership change in the Stabilization and Crisis Unit
7/26/2018Stakeholder communications moving to GovDelivery
7/9/2018Announcing DHS quarterly stakeholder meeting/call Juy 16
7/6/2018Public notice and request for comment on 1915 (c) #40193, #40194, and #0565 waiver amendments
7/2/2018Save the date: 2018 Americans with Disabilities Act celebration
6/29/2018Compass Update - ONA and records review
6/1/2018ASPEN project launches June 1
5/22/2018Announcing Marilee Bell's retirement
5/17/2018Success story: Home and community-based services
5/7/2018Public Service Recognition Week
5/2/2018Oregon Needs Assessment update
4/25/2018Electronic Visit Verification
4/6/2018Important: Phone # change for 4-10 forum and more
3/6/2018Legislative recap and DD Awareness Month
2/21/2018Public input sought
2/12/2018Engagement and Innovation Web Page
2/6/2018NCI Survey
1/10/2018Employment Rule Changes
1/5/2018New Year's message
12/26/2017Reminder: Rate model feedback period extended to 12-31-17
12/1/2017Compass Project update: A pause on some items
11/21/2017Thanksgiving message from ODDS Director Lilia Teninty
10/31/2017Compass Project Update: Next steps for the Oregon Needs Assessment
10/27/2017Provider rate models, update and public comment period
10/20/2017RFP for Individual Support Plans
9/29/2017Thank you to regional programs
9/25/2017Launch of strategic planning process and introducing the Compass Project
8/8/2017Update on regional programs and placement services
7/12/20172017-2019 budget and 5 percent increase
6/13/2017CAM update: CAM is now entering the development & implementation phases!
6/8/2017Update on DRO lawsuit
5/17/2017Lawsuit and assessments update
4/25/2017New Quality Improvement Unit
4/11/2017DRO lawsuit
4/7/2017Oregon Needs Assessment Pilot
3/31/2017Provider Payments Grace Period
3/13/2017DD Director's Message - PPL Customer Service
3/7/2017Provider Pay Update
2/1/2017PSW payroll tranistion to PPL
1/20/2017Day Support Activities
12/5/2016Proposed Budget
10/17/2016Central Oregon Employment First 5th Annual Employer Recognition Event
9/16/2016CMS Rate Change
9/15/2016DSP Week
9/12/2016Agency Request Budget
8/22/2016Oregon Assessment Changes Website
7/14/2016ODDS Director's Message 07-14-16
6/20/2016ODDS Director's Message 6-20-16
5/5/2016ODDS Director's Message 5-5-2016
3/11/2016ODDS Director's Message - Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
3/1/2016ODDS Director's Message 3 1 16
2/12/2016ODDS Director's Message 2-12-16
2/5/2016ODDS Director’s Message-National Staff Stability Survey
1/8/2016ODDS Director's Message-Oregon Assessment Changes Website
12/30/2015December 30, 2015 ODDS Director's Message
12/4/2015December 4, 2015 ODDS Director's Message
11/25/2015November 25, 2015 ODDS Director's Message
11/13/2015November 13 2015 Director's Message
10/30/2015Oct. 30 2015 ODDS Director's Message
10/16/2015October 16 2015 ODDS Directors Message
9/25/2015Community Forums bring out lively discussions
9/18/2015ODDS Director's Message -Honoring Direct Care Professionals
9/11/2015ODDS Director's Message - Integrated community jobs
9/4/2015ODDS Director's Message - Case Management Conference
8/28/2015ODDS Director's Message - Understanding the four percent rate increase to providers
8/24/2015ODDS Director's Message - Looking back, looking forward
7/28/2015Core Competency, Community Forums, Provider Rate Survey
7/20/2015ODDS Community Forums Statewide Tour
7/13/2015Upcoming Trainings
6/30/2015Limit on authorized hours a PSW may work per ISP
6/23/2015Stakeholder Call for Individuals and Families
6/12/2015Policy Changes
6/8/2015New Regional Employment Specialists
5/29/2015Home and Community Based Services
5/20/2015Authorization of Behavioral Consultation FBA and BSP
5/8/2015New FAQ Video
5/5/2015Housekeeping May 1 2105
4/21/2015Employment Services After July 1, 2015