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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

​Provider Site Location Listing

​This Provider Site Location Listing is provided to help CDDP and Brokerages to determine the appropriate employment or day service to authorize.

This listing is generally updated weekly: 


Questions may be addressed to employment.first@odhsoha.oregon.​gov​

Providers must submit a site survey for all provider owned, operated, or controlled locations where they offer either Employment Services or Day Support Activities (DSA or facility-based Community Living Supports). (See AR-16-019)

For providers offering Individual Supported Employment (i.e. Job Coaching), small group, employment path, or Day Support Activites (DSA) in general community businesses (not at a provider site), then only one survey describing the service must be submitted for each type of service. The service descriptions for these assessments should also include examples of the general community businesses in which these services will be provided. Completion of an assessment must never delay a person’s acceptance of a job offer from a general community business. If services are in a general community business, then the provider needs to complete the assessment within 30 days of delivering the employment service.

Submitting a new site assessment​

Prior to approving a service on a participant’s plan, Service Coordinators and Personal Agents should ensure that the service is approved for the location being requested. If the service is job coaching within general community businesses, please ensure that the provider has an assessment reflecting this service (although there may not be an assessment for each community business in which the service is provided).

For individuals participating in some employment services, we understand that the participant will travel between multiple sites for additional training, experience and exploration; in these instances, it is the providers responsibility to ensure that the participant is authorized the appropriate service and that each site that the individual receives services in is assessed for the appropriate service description.

As a reminder, participants must be approved for any service received prior to starting that service. Billing will not be approved when a participant receives a service that they have not previously been authorized for.