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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

​​Quality Assuran​​​ce Methods

The Office of Developmental Disabilities (ODDS) uses many different quality processes to assess and monitor that people have a choice of supports and services; that they get the assistance they desire; and that they are safe and healthy. Some of these quality approaches include reviews of the services provided by individuals, agencies, Community Developmental Disability Programs (CDDPs) and Brokerages. Included here is data used to report how successfully ODDS and its partners provide these things.

​​​Case Management E​​ntities QA Fi​​eld Review Reports

National Core I​​ndicato​​rs Surveys

National Core Indicators (NCI) are a standard set of performance and outcome measures that can be used to track performance over time, to compare results across states and to establish national benchmarks.​

Adult In-Person Surveys are a “face to face” interview completed with individuals who are 18 years of age or older, and receiving at least one paid I/DD service in addition to case management.

NCI Staff Stability Su​rveys with Oregon-specific data report​​s for 24-hour providers

Oregon Direct Support P​​​ro​fessional Workforce Stability Reports​