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Health and Wellness


The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) Health Services provides legally mandated medical, dental, behavioral and mental health, and pharmacy services to the entire population of adults in custody (AICs). To accomplish this task effectively and efficiently, the department uses a managed care model which is similar in some ways to a coordinated care model. Services provided put an emphasis on:
  • On-site primary care with early intervention and prevention
  • Coordinated care and management of diseases
  • Controlled access to specialists and specialist procedures
  • Restricted pharmacy medication formulary
  • Controlled utilization, and
  • Utilization review and claims review

Medical Services

Adults in custody (AICs) experience medical problems similar to any that exist in the outside community such as acute illnesses, injuries, and chronic diseases. DOC's Health Services provides ongoing treatment, preventative health care, and end-of-life care. The nursing staff engages in over one thousand patient care contacts each day statewide, and doctors, family nurse practitioners, and doctor's assistants provide more than 250 on-site primary care appointments to AICs each day. The Pharmacy and Medical Stores provide medications, medical supplies and medical equipment, and the DOC Pharmacy and Medical Stores are licensed and regulated by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy and the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

Mental and Behavioral Health Services

DOC provides several levels of mental and behavioral health treatment through individualized case management. Behavioral health services are targeted to adults in custody (AICs) with severe or persistent mental illness and all AICs are screened at intake for mental or behavioral illnesses. All AICs are evaluated later in their incarceration if severe mental health problems arise and mental health crisis services are made available to AICs in need.

Dental Services

DOC has dental facilities in 12 institutions, which are staffed by licensed dentists and qualified dental assistants. Adults in custody (AICs) housed in facilities without dental clinics are transported to the nearest dental services-equipped facility for their dental needs. All DOC dental facilities are accredited by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

Medical Records

Ex-offenders can request the release of their DOC medical or dental records. Download and submit the form by visiting our Medical Records Requests page.