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Using Telmate to Send Money

With Telmate, you can place money on a phone account or commissary (trust) account.

There are a few ways to deposit money through Telmate:

  • Telmate kiosk: Use a kiosk to deposit money using cash, credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Kiosks can be found at every Oregon Department of Corrections facility, as well as the Dome building in Salem. Call Telmate at (866) 516-0115 or visit the Telmate website to find kiosk locations in your area.
  • Telmate website or app: Visit the Telmate website or download the app to deposit using a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted here).
  • Over the phone: Call Telmate customer service at (866) 516-0115. A Telmate agent will assist you with your deposit.
  • Inmate commissary transfer: An inmate can transfer money from their commissary account to their phone account. However, once money has been placed on a phone account, it cannot be transferred to a commissary account.
Friends and family can also set up their own account through Telmate to pay for inmate phone calls. Inmates cannot access the funds in a Friends & Family Account.

Telmate Pricing and Fees*

Prepaid calls within Oregon $0.16 per minute
Collect calls within Oregon $0.16 per minute
Prepaid calls between two states $0.16 per minute
Collect calls between two states $0.16 per minute
International calls $0.50 per minute
Voice messages $1.25 per message
Quick Connect $3.00 fee plus applicable per minute rate
Automated prepaid deposits $3.00
Live person-assisted prepaid deposits $5.95

*The above rates and fees do not include taxes and third party transaction costs, all of which are passed through to the end user without markup.

Learn more about pricing and fees, plus different ways to call and pay on the Telmate website.

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