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Miscellaneous Papers

Broad investigations covering a variety of geologic topics.

MP-212005n/aSelected Miscellaneous Papers published between 1985 and 1989, 2005. [compilation CD-ROM of MP-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -8, -9, -10, -11, -12, -13, and -18]
MP-201978PDF Investigations of nickel in Oregon, by Len Ramp, 1978, 68 p., 2 pl., scale 1:250,000.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-191977PDF Geothermal exploration studies in Oregon, by Richard G. Bowen, David D. Blackwell, and Donald A. Hull, 1977, 50 p., 1 pl., scale 1:1,000,000. Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-181975PDF Proceedings of the citizens' forum on potential future energy sources, by Karl Dittmer, Ray Foleen, E. Wendell Hewson, Aden B. Meinel, Marjorie P. Meinel, R. G. Bowen, James A. Middleton, and Albert J. Fomey, 1975, 62 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-171974PDF Geologic hazards inventory of the Oregon coastal zone, by John D. Beaulieu, Paul W. Hughes, and R. Kent Mathiot, 1974, 94 p., 2 pl., scale 1:250,000.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-161973PDF A mosaic of Oregon from ERTS-1 imagery, by Robert E. Lawrence and Charles E. Poulten, 1973, 5 p., 1 pl., scale 1:1,000,000.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-151971PDF Quicksilver deposits in Oregon, by Howard C. Brooks, 1971, 7 p., 1 pl., scale 1:1,000,000.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-141970PDF Thermal springs and wells in Oregon, by Richard G. Bowen and Norman V. Peterson, 1970, 2 p., 1 pl., scale 1:1,000,000.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-131975PDF Index to the Ore Bin, 1950-1974, by Margaret C. Lewis; Nora T. Mussotto; Carol S. Brookhyser, ed., 1975, 50 p. rev. ed.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-121968PDF Index to published geologic mapping in Oregon, 1898-1967, by Raymond E. Corcoran, 1968, 20 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-111968PDF A collection of articles on meteorites, by Erwin F. Lange, E. P. Henderson, and Hollis M. Dole, 1968, 39 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-101965PDF Articles on recent volcanism in Oregon, by G. T. Benson, Norman V. Peterson, Edward A. Groh, and Edward M. Taylor, 1965, 97 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-91962PDF Petroleum exploration in Oregon, by John V. Byrne, Raymond E. Corcoran, Robert J. Deacon, and Vernon C. Newton, Jr., 1962, 31 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-81982PDF Available well records of oil and gas exploration in Oregon, compiled by W. L. King, Dennis L. Olmstead, and Vernon C. Newton, Jr., 1982, 3rd rev., 19 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-71966PDF Bibliography of theses and dissertations on Oregon geology, compiled by Herbert G. Schlicker, (Miriam Roberts, Supplement), 1959; 1966, Supp., 25 p., scale 1:1,000,000. 1959; 1966, Supp.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-61965PDF Oil and gas explorations in Oregon, by Roscoe E. Stewart, 1954 (Vernon C. Newton, Jr., rev.), 1965, rev., 41 p., 1 pl., scale 1:977,777. Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-51954PDF Oregon's gold placers, by A. O. Bartell, 1954, 14 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-41981PDF Laws and administrative rules relating to oil and gas exploration and development in Oregon, 1981, 60 p. 5th rev., Parts 1 and 2. Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-31953PDF Facts about fossils: reprints of papers on paleontology, by John Eliot Allen, E. L. Packard, Roscoe E. Stewart, Ralph W. Macy, and W. F. Barbat, 1953, 36 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-21951PDF Key to Oregon Mineral Deposits Map, by Ralph S. Mason, 1951; 1964, rev., 18 p. Companion to Geologic Quadrangle Map QM-12. Miscellaneous Paper cover page
MP-11950PDF A description of some Oregon rocks and minerals, by Hollis M. Dole, 1950, 41 p.Miscellaneous Paper cover page

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