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Interactive Maps & Geospatial Data

DOGAMI's interactive maps, GIS data, and map services help Oregonians better understand our state's geology and geologic hazards.

Interactive Maps

hazards map example


HazVu, Oregon Statewide Geohazards Viewer shows landslide, flood, tsunami, coastal erosion, earthquake shaking, fault, and volcano geohazards.

landslide map example


SLIDO, Statewide Landslide Information Database for Oregon, shows landslides that have been identified on published maps.

tsunami map example

Tsunami Evacuation

Tsunami Evacuation Zones shows tsunami evacuation zones along the Oregon coast.

lidar map example

Lidar Data

Lidar Data Viewer shows shaded relief imagery for Oregon.

geologic map example


Geologic Map of Oregon shows the incredible variety of rock types that make up our state.

minerals map example


MILO, Mineral Information Layer for Oregon, shows information regarding mineral occurrences, prospects, and mines.

minerals map example


GTILO, Geothermal Information Layer for Oregon,

shows features of thermal springs and wells and direct-use areas.

mining permits map example

Mining Permits

Permit Viewer shows mine site locations and information, including downloadable permit files.

Mount Hood hazards map example

Mount Hood

Mount Hood Multihazard Viewer shows the intersection of geologic hazards and community assets. 

DOGAMI interactive maps provide general information about Oregon's geology and geologic hazards and are not intended to be used for site-specific planning or to replace site-specific investigations.

GIS Data and Services

Geospatial data for download and web map services maintained by DOGAMI. Specialty software is needed to download data and use map services.


DownloadMap Services
Flood Statewide Levee Database for Oregon, release 1.0: Major agricultural and urban areas in western Oregon and along the Columbia River (Open File Report O-17-02) 2017 (14 MB)
Landslide Statewide Landslide Information Database for Oregon (SLIDO release 4.4) 2020 (479 MB)
yes; see SLIDO data page. Services: Landslide Polygons; Historically Active Landslide Points; Source Map References; Landslide Susceptibility
Landslide Statewide Landslide Susceptibility Overview (part of DOGAMI Open-File Report O-16-02) 2016 .tif format georeferenced raster file (as part of publication bundle) (306 MB)
Earthquake Magnitude 9.0 Cascadia Earthquake Data (part of Open-File Report O-13-06, Oregon Resilience Plan) 2013 ORP_Ground_Motion_and_

(1.7 GB)
Radon Radon Potential (part of Open-File Report O-18-01, Radon Potential in Oregon) 2018

Radon_Potential_in_Oregon.gdb (as part of publication bundle)

(79 MB)

Tsunami Tsunami Evacuation Zones (part of Open-File Report O-13-19, Tsunami inundation scenarios for Oregon)
2013 O-13-19_

(15 MB)
Tsunami Tsunami Inundation Scenarios (part of Open-File Report O-13-19, Tsunami inundation scenarios for Oregon)
2013 O-13-19_

(39 MB)
Tsunami 1995 Senate Bill 379
Tsunami Regulatory Line (part of Open-File Report O-14-09, Redigitized GIS Data Approximating the Oregon Senate Bill 379 (SB 379) Tsunami Regulatory Line)
(1 MB)

Geologic and Mineral Resources

ThemeProject Dataset Publish
DataMap Services

Oregon Geologic Data Compilation
(OGDC v7)

2020 see OGDC-7 preview page
Geothermal Geothermal Information Layer for Oregon
(GTILO v2)


(2 MB)

Mineral Mineral Information Layer for Oregon
(MILO v3)
2020 see MILO-3 preview page yes; see MILO-3 map intro page
Mineral Mine Site 2016 permit data spreadsheet;
see Mining Permit Viewer page
yes; see Mining Permit Viewer page





DownloadMap ServicesMetadata
Current Project Area Status Past, current, and developing lidar collection areas in OGIC (NAD 1983 2011 Oregon Statewide Lambert Ft Intl) and Web Mercator projections 2021 yes; see Lidar page sidebar no yes; see Lidar page sidebar
Lidar data Digital elevation model mosaic (bare earth); Digital elevation model hillshade mosaic (bare earth hillshade); Bare earth slope; Canopy height model mosaic; Canopy height model hillshade mosaic; Digital surface model mosaic (highest hit); Digital surface model hillshade mosaic (highest hit hillshade) 2021
yes; see Lidar page sidebar yes; see Lidar page sidebar