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The Mineral Resources of Oregon

The Mineral Resources of Oregon

"A Periodical Devoted to the Development of All Her Minerals"

Published by the Oregon Bureau of Mines and Geology (the precursor to DOGAMI)

Issues are linked below.

Volume, Issue, Month & Year; Contents

Volume 1, Number 1, January 1914

  • Announcement, pages 3-4
  • Estimate of Oregon's Mineral Production for the Year 1913, pages 4-7
  • Mineral Survey a Necessity, pages 7-8
  • Survey Methods, pages 8-11
  • Activities of the Oregon Bureau of Mines and Geology, pages 11-16
  • What is the Matter with the Mining Industry?, by A. M. Swartley, pages 16-27
  • The Occurrence of Coal in Squaw Creek Basin, by Ira A. Williams, pages 28-48
  • Something Ever New in Coal Annuals, by Ira A. Williams, page 49-57
  • The Law Which Created the Oregon Bureau of Mines and Geology, page 58-61

Volume 1, Number 2, February 1914

  • Essential to Oregon's Development, by H. N. Lawie, pages 3-9
  • Preliminary Report of Building Stone in Oregon, by H.M. Parks, pages 10-46

Volume 1, Number 3, March 1914

  • The Geology and Mineral Resources of the John Day Region, by Arthur J. Collier, 47 pages
  • Volume 1, Number 4, June 1914

    • Drainage of Farm Lands in the Willamette and Tributary Valleys of Oregon, by Ira A. Williams, 81 pages, 46 illustrations

    Volume 1, Number 5, August 1914

    • Petrology and Mineral Resources of Jackson and Josephine Counties, Oregon, by A. N. Winchell, 265 pages

    Volume 1, Number 6, October 1914

    • Geology and Mineral Resources of the Sumpter Quadrangle, by J. T. Pardee and D. F. Hewett, pages 7-128
    • Preliminary Report on the General and Economic Geology of the Baker District of Eastern Oregon, by U. S. Grant and G. H. Cady, pages 129-161

    Volume 1, Number 7, November 1914

    • Tests of Building Brick, Hollow Blocks, and Drain Tile
    • Tests of Clay Building Brick and Hollow Blocks and of Clay and Concrete Drain Tile Made in Oregon, by Ira A. Williams, pages 14-51
    • Limestone Deposits in Oregon, by Ira A. Williams, pages 52-70

    Volume 1, Number 8, December 1914

    • Ore Deposits of Northeastern Oregon, by Arthur M. Swartley, 229 pages, 98 illustrations

    Volume 2, Number 1, May 1916

    • Some Little-Known Scenic Pleasure Places in the Cascade Range in Oregon, by Ira A. Williams, 114 pages, 66 illustrations

    Volume 2, Number 2, October 1916

    • Preliminary Survey of the Geology and Mineral Resources of Curry County, Oregon, by G. M. Butler and G. J. Mitchell, 136 pages, 41 illustrations

    Volume 2, Number 3, November 1916

    • The Columbia River Gorge: its Geologic History Interpreted from the Columbia River Highway, by Ira A. Williams, 130 pages, 77 illustrations

    Volume 2, Number 4, December 1916

    Handbook of the Mining Industry of Oregon, by H. M. Parks and A. M. Swartley, 306 pages

    • Alphabetical List of Mines, Mining Companies and Prospects in Oregon, page 7-241
    • The Mining Districts, pages 242-296:
      • General statement of geology, natural features and production of the metals, pages 242-248
      • Description of mining districts alphabetically arranged by counties and districts, pages 248-296
    • Index of properties by counties and districts, alphabetically arranged, pages 297-306

    Volume 3, Number 1, March 1920

    • Investigation of Oil and Gas Possibilities of Western Oregon, by Harrison and Eaton, consulting petroleum geologists, 40 pages, 6 illustrations

    Volume 3, Number 2, July 1921

    • Oil and Gas Possibilities of Eastern Oregon, by John P. Buwalda, in co-operation with U.S. Geological Survey, 48 pages, four illustrations

    Volume 3, Number 3, May 1923

    • The Limonite Iron Ores of Columbia County, Oregon, Henry M. Parks, 44 pages, 7 illustrations

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