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Public Meetings and Engagement

The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) values the perspectives of all Oregonians. Your insights on proposed rules, policies, and matters related to the Department of State Lands help us in our commitment to support a thriving Oregon. Read further for information on participating in public meetings.

Public Engagement During COVID-19 Pandemic

Public engagement is as essential as ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. All public meetings are being held remotely over Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You can provide testimony or comment over email, phone, or video conference, depending on the meeting. More information on providing testimony or comment, engaging with remote public meetings, and digital platforms can be found below.

Special Note: Due to COVID-19, the State Land Board is only accepting public testimony via email. More information can be found on the State Land Board testimony guidelines.

Providing Testimony or Comment in Public Meetings

Generally, there are two types of public meetings held by DSL.

During the first type of meeting, a portion of the agenda is designated to public testimony or comment. These types of meetings include State Land Board meetings and Oregon Ocean Science Trust meetings. If you are interested in speaking, you will observe the meeting until the facilitator opens the floor for testimony or comment. Once you are called to speak, begin by addressing the board or commission. Next, introduce yourself and state your testimony. When you are finished, thank the board and answer any questions.

During the second type of meeting, such as rule hearings, the entire time is allocated to receiving public testimony or comment. When testifying at these meetings, introduce yourself, give your testimony, and thank the facilitator for receiving your comment. Generally, there will be no follow-up questions at these types of meetings.

Keep your testimony or comments organized and brief (about three minutes in length or less), as your allotted time to speak may be limited.

Signing up to Testify or Comment

Advance sign-up is sometimes required for meetings. People who sign up in advance are given priority to testify or comment in the order they sign up. If you do not sign up in advance, your opportunity to speak will depend on the remaining time and the decision of the board or commission. If you do not get to provide oral testimony or comment, you may be able to provide written testimony for inclusion in the record.

If sign-up is not requested, people will speak in the order they join the meeting. When the facilitator invites an individual to speak, they will notify the following two people as a courtesy.

Engaging with Remote Public Meetings

Testifying by phone or video conference is very similar to testifying in-person. However, the way you testify may differ, depending on the formality of the meeting. When joining a meeting, be sure to mute yourself to avoid creating distracting background noise. Remember to unmute yourself before speaking. You may have your camera on, but it is not required to participate. 

Joining Remote Meetings on Zoom

You can join a DSL public meeting over Zoom by using your internet browser, the Zoom app, or calling in by phone.

To join a Zoom meeting using a computer, either click the meeting link or go to and enter the Meeting ID, which you can find in event information. You will have the option to participate online or using the Zoom app. Upon joining the meeting, you will be prompted to choose your audio and video settings. Your browser may ask if Zoom can use your microphone and camera – be sure to click “allow" so you can be seen and heard during the meeting. You will be admitted to the meeting once the host removes you from the waiting room. Upon joining the meeting, mute yourself by clicking “mute" on the lower left-hand side of your screen, or by pressing the “M" key on your keyboard.

If you are unable to use the Zoom app or join Zoom online, you can join over phone by dialing the number in the event information and entering the Meeting ID when prompted. Upon joining the meeting, mute yourself by pressing “mute" on your phone's screen or by dialing *6. You can unmute yourself the same way.

For additional support or troubleshooting, visit the Zoom Help Center.

Joining Remote Meetings on Microsoft Teams

You can join a DSL public meeting hold over Microsoft Teams by using either the Microsoft Teams app or your web browser. Please note that calling in by phone is currently unavailable for DSL Microsoft Teams meetings.

To join a Teams meeting, go to the meeting invite and select “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting." A webpage should open, which will prompt you to either download the app or join online. Your browser may ask if Teams can use your microphone and camera--allow this so you can be seen and heard during the meeting. Enter your name and choose your audio and video settings. Click “join now" when you are ready to enter the meeting.

For additional support or troubleshooting, visit the Microsoft Teams help and learning site.

Upcoming Public Meetings

The calendar is regularly updated. If there is no data available in the table, there are no upcoming meetings scheduled.

Upcoming Meetings

Visit the Department of State Lands public meetings calendar.

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Visit this link for information on testifying at a State Land Board meeting.

Visit this link for guidelines on testifying at an Oregon Legislature Committee Meeting.

DSL is committed to providing all customers with access to documents and meetings. Learn more.

For help, contact Kaitlyn Wiggins, DSL Rules & Records Coordinator, at or (503) 986-5279.

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