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State Land Board Awards

Established in 2004, the State Land Board Awards recognize exceptional projects and partners that protect and enhance Oregon's natural resources.

Nominations are now Open!

The Department of State Lands is now accepting nominations for the 18th annual State Land Board Awards. The 2021 nomination deadline is Thursday, August 18. Awards will be presented at the October 11, 2022 Land Board meeting.

Award Information

Stream and Wetland Project Awards

Any stream or wetland project completed in 2021, or that completed monitoring in 2021, may be eligible for a Stream Project Award or Wetland Project Award. Past awards have gone to wetland mitigation banks, dam removals, wetland restorations, fish habitat improvement projects, and more.

Last year, the Wetland Award went to the Jackson-Frazier Wetland Long Term Habitat Restoration, a collaborative effort that corrected years of damage to a vital wetland in Corvallis, restoring water flow and supporting native species.

Partnership Award
The Partnership Award recognizes organizations who have partnered with the Department of State Lands to advance our work through volunteer efforts.

Last year, the Partnership Award went to the Oregon Tide Gate Partnership, which has used creative problem solving to repair and replace aging tide gates along the coast.

The Catalyst Award
Awarded for the first time in 2020, the Catalyst Award recognizes an individual partner whose work supports stewardship of state lands and waters.

Last year, the Catalyst Award recognized Tracie-Lynn Nadeau and Yvonne Vallette of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Oregon Operations Office for years of dedicated service helping protect Oregon’s wetlands and waters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible projects:

•  Completed construction, or completed monitoring required by DSL, in the previous calendar year
•   Met or exceeded all DSL permit conditions
•   Do not have an unresolved enforcement action​

For stream and wetland projects, the selection committee considers the benefit to the resource, innovation and creativity, community involvement and partnerships, and avoidance and minimization in design. The nomination forms request information for each of these criteria.
For partnership and catalyst awards, the selection committee considers innovation and effort, consistent outstanding service, and the example set by the nominee.   ​

Anyone and YES! Past nominations have come from landowners, consultants, funding partners, DSL staff, government agencies, watershed councils, local planners, businesses, organizations and more. If you have been a part of an exemplary project or partnership, please submit a nomination!​​

DSL convenes a selection committee that typically includes staff, partner organizations, and representatives of other state agencies to review nominations. Generally, one award per category is presented each year. However, the committee may recommend that more than one award be given, or that no award will be given, in a specific category.​

The Land Board Awards are presented by the Land Board – Oregon’s Governor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer – during the October board meeting. The award is a plaque featuring the artwork of glass artist Ann Cavanaugh. Award recipients are also highlighted in a news release, web features, and on social media.
Winners from Past Years