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​​​​​​​​High School to College Pathways

The HECC works with numerous state, campus, and community partners to foster improved and seamless pathways during the important transition years of grades 11-14 as students move from high school to college or career.

Current initiatives help high school students plan for and afford college success, best prepare academically for college coursework, access quality college credit while in high school, and benefit from academic alignment so they enter college ready to succeed. In addition to the res​ources below, find out about financial aid investments and initiatives, additional equity initiatives, Oregon's GED high school equivalency program, and transfer student initiatives​.

PARTNER UPDATE: ODE Releases Community-Informed Recommendations for Equitable Graduation Outcomes (SB 744 Report)

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) announced in a September 1, 2022 press release a report to the Oregon Legislature and State Board of Education focused on community-informed recommendations for equitable graduation outcomes. The full final report and supporting appendices can be accessed below.

The report developed in response to legislative request contains a summary of the department’s engagement process and feedback, a review of current Oregon diploma require​ments, a review of graduation data and essential skills, a scan of nationwide diploma requirements and trends, and determinations and recommendations to inform future graduation policy decisions. Input from postsecondary education partners is represented in Appendix F: Postsecondary Input on Requirements for the Oregon High School Diploma, summarizing the results of the HECC survey of postsecondary education partners conducted in spring 2022. The report also includes an analysis of student outcomes in Appendix H, Postsecondary Outcomes of Oregon’s Recent High School Graduates.

College Credit while in High School – Accelerated Learning

Educational experiences that provide high school students with the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school are known in Oregon as “Accelerated Learning” programs. The HECC works with educators across the state to ensure that students may access quality accelerated learning programs while in high school.​ 

College Outreach, Partnership, and Mentoring

The HECC leads mentoring, outreach, and financial aid programs and convenes partners to prepare students for access and success in college and career.

Academic Pathways and Alignment

The HECC works to promote and coordinate student pathways and academic alignment from high school to college, including coursework and academic assessment.

Recent Legislation to Improve High School to College Pathways

The Oregon Legislature has entrusted the HECC with research and analysis on numerous higher education policy questions related to improving student pathways from high school to college. For more information, you may view HECC reports to the Legislature and information on the results of recent Legislative Sessions.​​​