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Oregon Independent Contractors

Before Filing Your UI Claim brochure (UI Pub 403)
Claimant Handbook

2016 Claim Calendar (UI Pub 173)

2017 Claim Calendar
Electronic Reporting (UI Pub 136)
Employer’s Guide to Doing Business in Oregon

Employee or Independent Contractor trifold (EN, SP, RU, VT, KO)
How to Start a Business in Oregon
2015 Oregon Combined Payroll Tax Report
2016 Oregon Combined Payroll Tax Report
2017 Oregon Combined Payroll Tax Report
Oregon Employment Department Quick Online Resource Sheet
Oregon Small Business Resource Sheet
State Agency Criteria for Independent Contractors
Working While Claiming flyer (UI Pub 397)
Workshare Trifold (UI Pub 62)
Informational Flyers
•    Agricultural Employers (UI Pub 210)
•    Change in Business Entity (UI Pub 212)
•    Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (UI Pub 208)
•    Domestic Employers (UI Pub 207)
•    Employer Rights & Responsibilities (UI Pub 215)
•    Employer, Employee and Wages (UI Pub 205)
•    Excess Wage Computation (UI Pub 217)
•    Experience Rating Benefit Ratios for 2015 (UI Pub 8)
•    Filing Due Dates & Contact Information (UI Pub 139)
•    Hours and Estimating Hours Worked (UI Pub 211)
•    How UI Tax Rates Are Determined (UI Pub 214)
•    Independent Contractors (UI Pub 201A)
•    Multi-state Employment (UI Pub 209)
•    Nonprofit Employers (UI Pub 206)
•    Questions and Answers about UI Tax Audits (UI Pub 203)
•    Restaurant and Bar Industry (UI Pub 202)
•    Volunteers (UI Pub 176)