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Apply for a License

Two licenses are required to perform landscaping work in Oregon

  • Landscape Construction Professional License (LCP); and
  • Landscape Contracting Business License
The LCP is the person who passes the exam and is responsible for supervising the unlicensed employees of the landscape contracting business.  The landscape contracting business is the entity that contracts for landscaping work and carries the bond, liability insurance, and workers compensation (if applicable).

Steps to Becoming Licensed Flyer (English) and (Spanish)
Individual - LCP Application
Modified License Flyer & FAQ - English
Modified License Flyer & FAQ - Spanish

Landscape Construction Professional License (Individual)

This is usually the first step in the process of becoming licensed for most, and sometimes the longest.

Review the Exam page for details on the exam process (traditional and practical skills), qualifications and the different phases of licenses you may apply for.
  1. Submit an application and application fee to the LCB.
  2. Once your application is approved by the LCB you will receive a packet of information that will incude your ID number.
  3. Obtain your study materials - many are free on the LCB website or available to purchase from the LCB.
  4. Study for the exam.
  5. Register to take the exam with PSI
  6. Written Exam: Use the ID number provided by the LCB to set up your exam with PSI
  7. Practical Skills Exam: Submit a registration form to the LCB (see Exam page).
Submit the $170 licensing fee upon successful completion of the exam sections required to obtain the phase of license you want. 

Landscape Contracting Business License

  1. Set up the business entity.  Consider speaking with an accountant or a lawyer regarding the best choice regarding the entity of your business.  This decision can affect taxes and personal property.  If a landscape business changes legal entity a new business license may be required.
  2. Set up accounts with the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue, if necessary. 
  3. You will need to register the business entity and/or any assumed business names with the Secretary of State
  4. Obtain liability insurance, bond and if your business will have employees, workers compensation insurance.   
  5. Fill out the business application and submit to the LCB with your certificate of insurance, bond and workers compensation (if applicable).  Please also supply the documentation used to form your business.  Examples of this are:  the articles of incorporation (for corporations), organizational filings (for LLC), or partnership agreement.   
  6. If further documentation is needed, we will contact you.
  7. Please allow up to 10 days processing time.  Your business license will be mailed to you with information regarding your new business license.   


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