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Apply for a License

Two licenses are required to perform landscaping work in Oregon

  • Individual - Landscape Construction Professional License (LCP); and
  • Business - Landscape Contracting Business License
The LCP is the person who passes the exam and is responsible for supervising the unlicensed employees of the landscape contracting business.  The landscape contracting business is the entity that contracts for landscaping work and carries the bond, liability insurance, and workers compensation (if applicable).

Ready to get started? First, read the Steps to Becoming Licensed (English) and (Spanish)


Application Fees are non-refundable.  Please call the office if you have any questions.
Individual - Apply Online, or (paper version), (Spanish - paper version only)

License Types (Phases)

Which license phase is right for you? View the license phase table to see what work can be done with each phase: License Phase Table (English) (Spanish)

While we have several license phases available (all phase, irrigation plus backflow, planting, modified, and arborist), here's some information about a couple of license phases that may be of interest to you:
Modified License Phase:
Modified License Flyer  - English
Modified License Flyer  - Spanish

Arborist License Phase:
If you are an ISA certified arborist, check out the Arborist License Phase below.
Arborist License Flyer - English

Landscape Construction Professional License (Individual)

This is usually the first step in the process of becoming licensed for most, and sometimes the longest. 
For additional details on each step, please see the steps to become licensed.

  1. Determine need. Review work requiring a license to determine if a license is needed for the work desired to be performed.
  2. Check qualifications. Review the qualification requirements to determine if you meet the requirements to be eligible to take the exam.
  3. Apply. Submit an LCP application with required fee. Applications can be completed online or by completing a printable form. Please allow 5 business days for processing.
  4. Determine desired license phase after reviewing the phases of licenses available.
  5. Study. Several resource materials are available for free on the LCB website. Others are available for purchase.  
  6. Schedule exams. Using the candidate identification number provided in the approval email notification, schedule exam(s) with PSI.
  7. Request initial license. After passing the exam(s) needed for the desired license phase, contact the LCB to pay for and request the initial license.
  8. Apply for a business license. If you plan to go to work for an actively license landscape business, you do not need to complete this next step.  

Landscape Contracting Business License
  1. Choose business entity type. Consider speaking with an attorney when making the selection of entity types. The decision can affect taxes and personal liability. Information may also be found on the Oregon Secretary of State website.
  2. Set-up tax accounts. Set-up any required accounts with the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue.
  3. Register the business and/or assumed business name with the Oregon Secretary of State.
  4. Obtain liability insurance, bond, and workers' compensation coverage (if applicable). Obtain liability insurance with a minimum of $500,000 coverage and LCB listed as the certificate holder. Obtain a bond using the LCB surety bond form.  Please review the steps to become licensed for bond requirements.  Workers' compensation is required if the business has employees.
  5. Complete verification form. Complete and have notarized the employment verification form. The form must be completed by the landscape construction professional and must indicate the relationship to the landscape contracting business.
  6. Apply. Complete the business application. Applications can be completed online or by completing a printable form. Please allow 10 business days for processing.
  7. Online Portal. Once approved, an email is sent notifying the business to activate an online account by logging in to the business online portal.
  8. Contracts. Ensure all contracts meet the required elements of a contract.
  9. Advertising. Ensure all written advertisements (business cards, social media, flyers) display the business license number.