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Exam Study Materials:

Listing of recommended resource materials: (English) (Spanish).  There are others you may wish to purchase, but here are materials you can download:

Certain resources can be ordered from the LCB office:

Exam Resource Material Order Form (English) (Spanish)

Candidate Information Bulletin:

The Candidate Information Bulletin contains helpful information on PSI's policies and procedures. It contains a breakdown of each section of the exam, including subcategories, number of questions, time limit and study material. The bulletin also has information regarding:

  • How to schedule an exam
  • Test site locations and cost of exam
  • What to expect at your appointment
  • What ID is required for your appointment
  • How to make special arrangements for your appointment, if needed
  • Cancelation and late policy
  • Sample exam questions
The bulletin also contains information regarding the mini written exams for the Electronic Exam Option.

Candidate Information Bulletin - English

Candidate Information Bulletin - Spanish    Boletin Informativo Para Candidatos

Getting Started:

To get started, submit an application to the LCB to take the exam.  Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with information regarding testing materials and next steps.  This will include your candidate ID number.  With this number, you can register with PSI to take the exam.  

If your application is not approved, you will receive a letter requesting further documentation.

The written exam is provided by PSI. After you are approved by the LCB and receive your candidate ID number, contact PSI to schedule your exam appointment.

Please take time to read how to become licensed.  This provides you with a step by step licensing process.

Testing Options - Both options are available in English and Spanish.


The traditional written exam is provided by PSI.  Contact PSI to schedule your exam appointment at: 800-733-9267 or online at

PSI offers both the traditional written exams and the mini written exams for the Electronic Exam Option.

What exams you need to take to obtain each license phase:

All Phase: 
    • All six (6) exam sections
Standard Phase: 
    • Laws, Rules, and Business Practices 
    • Plants & Turf
    • Hardscaping
    • Design, Grading, and Drainage
Irrigation & Backflow Only: 
    • Laws, Rules, and Business Practices  
    • Irrigation 
    • Backflow 

Planting Only: 
    • Laws, Rules and Business Practices exam or course (PSI or LCB)
    • Plants & Turf
    • Design, Grading, and Drainage
Arborist (ISA certified): 
    • Laws, Rules, and Business Practices 
    • Laws, Rules, and Business Practices 
    • Must pass all six (6) sections within one year of application date

Electronic Exam:

The Board now accepts the National Association of Landscape Professional's (NALP) Exterior Technician Certification in lieu of several sections of the LCB's traditional exam.
The Exterior Technician exam sections accepted by the LCB are:  

  • Hardscape Installation
  • Softscape Installation
  • Irrigation
  • Common Core  
To learn more about NALP's Landscape Industry Certified Exterior Technician exam, study material, and fees, please visit Oregon Landscape Contractors Association (OLCA) or the NALP Website or call (800) 395-2522.

You may obtain most phases of licensure through this option: planting, standard, and irrigation.  If you pass one section of the Exterior Technician exam, you may take a business course offered by the LCB in lieu of the LCB's current Laws, Rules & Business Practices Exam.  

What do you need to take to obtain each license phase:

Planting Phase: 
  • Laws, Rules and Business Practices exam or course (PSI or LCB)
  • Common Core (NALP)
  • Softscape Installation (NALP)
Standard Phase: 
  • Laws, Rules and Business Practices exam or course (PSI or LCB)
  • Common Core (NALP)
  • Softscape Installation (NALP)
  • Hardscape Installation (NALP)
Irrigation Phase: 
  • Laws, Rules and Business Practices exam or course (PSI or LCB)
  • Common Core (NALP)
  • Irrigation (NALP)
  • Backflow Exam (PSI)

Study Materials - OLCA/ NALP has study materials available to purchase for the Exterior Technician exam.  The LCB provides a listing of recommended resource materials for the exams through PSI: (English) (Spanish)

​​No. Passing the exam allows you to become a licensed landscape construction professional. However, to begin work, you must be employed by or own a licensed landscape contracting business (see business license application packet).​

You will need to pay the initial license fee​, which is $170. This is an annual license fee. 

Besides a landscape construction professional license, you also need a landscape contracting business license and possibly a local business license if you plan to start your own business.