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Examination Information

Updates to the Exam

Effective April 15, 2019:
  • Additional time has been alloted to all exam sections.
Effective January 1, 2016:
  • The written exam is now available in Spanish.  You must request the  Spanish version at the time you make your appointment with PSI.


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Practical Skills Exam

The first Practical Skills Exam was given on July 22, 2016. This exam is give once year in July. The exam for 2019 is closed. Information regarding the Practical Skills Exam in 2020 will be available in 2020.

Information regarding the Practical Skills Exam

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Getting Started

You must first submit an application to the LCB to sit for the exam. When your application is approved you will receive a packet of information from us. This will include some of the study material, as well as an ID number. Once you receive your ID number you may begin setting up your exam with PSI. If your application is not approved you will receive a letter within 7 business days requesting further documentation.

Please take time to read how to become licensed. This provides you with a step by step licensing process.

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Written Test Provider & Locations

Once your application is approved and you have received your ID number, you may contact PSI at 800-733-9267 or online at www.psiexams.com to pay for and schedule an exam appointment.
PSI offers 7 locations in Oregon where you may schedule to take the exam:
Baker City: 2101 Main St, Suite 203
Bend: 325 N Vermont Place, Suite 106
Eugene: 1955 Empire Park Dr., Suite 1
Medford: 1236 A North Riverside Ave
Portland: 8383 NE Sandy Blvd., Suite 201
Independence: 4901 Airport Road
Wilsonville: 25195 SW Parkway, Suite 105
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Written Examination Costs/Time Limit

The cost for the exam is $75 for the first section and $10 for each additional section per sitting.


Laws, Rule and Business Practice open book​ ​50 100 minutes
Plants and Turf​ open book​ ​50 ​100 minutes
Hardscaping open book​ ​50 ​100 minutes
Design, Grading and Drainage​ open book​ ​50 ​100 minutes
Irrigation open book​ 100​ 200 minutes
​Backflow closed book​ ​50 ​100 minutes


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Exam Study Materials

Click here to see a list of exam study materials for the written exam.

Most of the study materials for the written exam sections may be obtained online and/or ordered from the LCB.

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FAQ About the Written Exam

What does the exam consist of?
There are six sections of the exam: Laws, Rules and Business Practices, Plants and Turf, Hardscaping, Design, Grading and Drainage, Irrigation and Backflow.

Required sections to be passed for Landscape Construction Professional license:
All Phase Laws, Rules and Business Practices, Plants and Turf, Hardscaping, and Design, Grading and Drainage, Irrigation and Backflow (6 sections)

Standard - Laws, Rules and Business Practices, Plants and Turf, Hardscaping, and Design, Grading and Drainage (4 sections)

Irrigation Only - Laws & Rules and Business Practices, Irrigation and Backflow (3 sections)

Planting - Laws, Rules and Business Practices, Plants and Turf, Grading and Drainage (3 sections)

ProbationaryLaws, Rules and Business Practices, Plants and Turf, Hardscaping, and Design, Grading and Drainage, Irrigation and Backflow (6 sections)​

How long before I’ll know if I’m eligible to sit for the exam?
All applications are reviewed within 5 working days. The length of time before you’re notified of eligibility depends on the complexity of your application and how long it takes to verify all of your documentation. Once your application is approved you will receive notification by mail. This letter will include your ID number which you will need to begin scheduling the exam with PSI. It will also include any study material the LCB provides for the exam (such as OSHA information and plumbing codes for the backflow section).

What should I study for the exam?
Various study materials will be sent to you when your application has been approved to take the exam. A list of study/resource material will also be sent to you. This list can also be found on our website and in the Candidate Information Bulletin.

Can I get a sample exam or previous exam to study?
No. There are sample questions included in the Candidate Information Bulletin, as well as a lot of information regarding the exam, the subjects of each section and PSI’s exam procedures.

How often is the exam given?
The exam is given on an individual basis by appointment with PSI.

Where is the exam given?
The exam is currently administered through PSI. PSI has 7 exam locations in Oregon (Baker City, Bend, Eugene, Independence, Medford, Wilsonville and Portland). A detailed list including addresses is provided in the Candidate Information Bulletin published by PSI.

How many questions are on the exam?
The number of questions varies from 50 to 100 per section. The All Phase exam (all six sections) has a total of approximately 350 questions. There is detailed information regarding each section of the exam in the Candidate Information Bulletin.

If I do not pass, is the fee refunded?

If I fail, can I take the exam again?
You may take the exam as many times as needed.

Is there a fee to retake the exam?
Yes. The exam is administered by PSI and the cost to retake the exam is $75 for the first section and $10 for each additional section per sitting.

Once I pass the exam, can I start working?
No. Passing the exam allows you to become a licensed landscape construction professional. However, to begin work, you must be employed by or own a licensed landscape contracting business (see business license application packet).

What do I do after I pass all the sections of the exam that are required for the license?
You will need to pay the initial license fee, which is $100. This is an annual license fee.

What other licenses do I need?
Besides a landscape construction professional license, you also need a landscape contracting business license and possibly a local business license if you plan to start your own business.

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Candidate Information Bulletin for the Written Sections

The Candidate Information Bulletin contains helpful information on PSI's policies and procedures. It contains a breakdown of each section of the exam, including subcategories, number of questions, time limit and study material. The bulletin also has information regarding:

  • How to schedule an exam
  • Test site locations
  • What to expect at your appointment
  • What ID is required for your appointment
  • How to make special arrangements for your appointment, if needed
  • Cancelation and late policy
  • Sample exam questions

Candidate Information Bulletin​

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