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Claim Information

Measure 49 "elections" replaced Measure 37 compensation claims for land use regulations enacted before January 1, 2007. This part of Measure 49 is now over. DLCD has several resources for landowners, counties, and other interested parties to find out if a former Measure 37 claim received home site authorizations under Measure 49, and to view the claim information. On this page you will find guidance on researching a claim. There are two primary methods: use an online mapping tool to locate a property and claim information, or search .pdf documents that have information in a list format. See below for instructions.

Use a Map to Find Approved Claims: Measure 49 Analyzer

DLCD created an online web application to help users find claims approved under Measure 49. For counties that shared tax lot data with DLCD, the Measure 49 Analyzer can be used to:

  • Search for a Measure 49 claim property by election number, claim name, or interactively from the map.
  • View authorized Measure 49 claim property boundaries and the numbers of new dwellings, new parcels, and total home sites authorized by the final order.
  • Find and download a "Final Order and Home Site Authorization."
  • View simplified maps of areas that are high-value farmland, high-value forestland and ground water restricted as specifically defined in Measure 49.
  • Calculate and create a downloadable report of the percentages of high-value farmland and high-value forestland area within a claim property.

The Measure 49 Analyzer web mapping tool is hosted on the Oregon Explorer Natural Resources Digital Library and funded by DLCD.

Search a List/Registry to Find a Claim

Measure 49 Final Orders

DLCD provides all of the Measure 49 final orders issued by DLCD on one searchable web page. Go to the Measure 49 Final Orders web page to search for a claim by name or election number. Note that Measure 37 claim numbers begin with "M" and corresponding Measure 49 election numbers begin with "E", "H", or "D". For example, Measure 37 claim number M118318 corresponds to Measure 49 election number E118318. Also be aware that under Measure 49 some Measure 37 claims were combined into a single election or split into multiple elections.

Measures 37 and 49 Registries

DLCD provides registries of Measure 37 claims filed with the state, Measure 49 Election Notice Mailings, and Measure 49 Election Returns. Each of these registries list information about claims and can be searched to figure out a Measure 49 election number if you do not know it. The most comprehensive list of claim information is the Measure 37 Claims Registry, which can be searched by claimant and property information to find a claim number.

Not all Measure 37 claims became Measure 49 elections. The Registry of Measure 49 Election Notices Sent lists all the Measure 37 claims for which DLCD sent Election Notices. The Measure 49 Election Returns Registry lists all the Measure 37 claims for which the claimant filed a Measure 49 election.

NOTE: to search these registries by claim numbers, names, etc., click the link to the document, press 'Control+F' to open the search box, then type in the information you wish to find.


Sarah Marvin
Measure 49 Specialist
Phone: 503-559-1380