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In July 2019, DLCD launched a new email subscription service that allows users to receive free emails on a variety of land use planning topics, as well as, administrative information like DLCD jobs, budget information, and publications. Stay informed with the latest DLCD and land use planning news by subscribing to one or more topics. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribe to Email Delivery by Topic

Note: The subscriptions shown below are not included in the new email service. Users should sign-up using the links provided.

Oregon King Tides

Subscribers to this list will receive periodic emails advertising the Oregon King Tides Photo Initiative, including when and how to participate and upcoming outreach events. King tides are the highest of the high tides and we ask citizens to photograph them every winter in order to visualize and understand the impacts of sea level rise in the coming years. Find out more at

Oregon Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan 2015

Subscribers to this list will receive e-mail notification when new information or material is posted to the Oregon Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan, 2015 Update Project Website.

Plan Amendment Notification Service

The Plan Amendment Notification Service allows users to subscribe for email notification of city and county comprehensive land use plan amendment proposals and adoptions received by DLCD. These amendments, also known as post-acknowledgment plan amendments, or PAPAs, are submitted to DLCD by local jurisdictions in Oregon. Subscribers may select the cities and counties of interest, and when DLCD receives a proposed or adopted amendment from that jurisdiction it will send an email notification to the subscriber.

TGM News

Sign up for the Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) News and Information list and get 1-2 emails a month about the latest TGM News, Resources, and Grant Information. **This email service is managed by ODOT.


Check out the News and Notices page for the most up-to-date information from DLCD.


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