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DLCD Programs

Climate Change Planning

Climate change is a component of land use, transportation, and natural hazard planning. We study the connection of climate change and land use planning, and assist both state and local governments in adopting a climate change framework that will lessen the impact of climate change in Oregon.

Comprehensive Plan Updates

We provide broad assistance to local governments, state agencies and the public on land use planning in Oregon. We review local comprehensive plans for consistency with the statewide planning goals and provide grants to local jurisdictions.

Farm & Forest Lands

We help protect Oregon's farm and forest lands, as well as the natural, economic, and scenic benefits they provide. We assist local governments in planning and managing agricultural and forest land to provide a healthy environment and sustain Oregon's communities and economy.

Housing Program

We are actively working to refocus the implementation of Goal 10: Housing from a narrow focus on housing capacity towards a more comprehensive framework that emphasizes local actions to promote housing production, affordability, and choice within their community and across the state.

Measure 49

We provide technical assistance and information to local governments, state agencies, and citizens relating to Measure 49.

Natural Hazards

We help make a disaster-resilient Oregon by managing and supporting sustained, local mitigation planning. We assist cities, counties, tribes and special districts with adding natural hazards data to land use plans and regulations. This advances local and state resilience and post-disaster recovery planning.

Natural Resources and Renewable Energy

We support the implementation of state natural resource protection goals by promoting adoption of local protections for significant natural resource sites and collaborating with state and federal agencies.

Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP)

OCMP is Oregon's federally approved coastal management program. We deliver data and technical assistance to coastal communities relating to coastal hazards and resilience, climate change adaptation, and estuary and territorial sea planning. We ensure that federal actions are consistent with our state program via reviews of federal permits, projects and funding.

Rural Planning

Development in rural areas supports a variety of lifestyles and community needs. These are areas outside of urban growth boundaries and include both resource and non-resource lands. We provide assistance to local governments on the planning and management of rural lands in Oregon.

Transportation and Growth Management (TGM)

TGM is a joint program with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) that supports local efforts to expand transportation choices by providing technical and financial assistance to local governments. We link land use and transportation planning to create places where people can walk, bike, take transit or drive where they want to go.

Urban Planning

All Oregon cities, large and small, plan for the future to help their residents and businesses thrive. We advise and assist cities so they can address their community needs for affordable housing, employment growth, parks and public facilities.