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Land Use Planning and Climate Change

View of wind turbines overlooking a farmLargely due to pollution from human activities, global temperatures are rising and extreme weather events are growing more frequent and severe. The climate changes already underway, and future climate disruption, are a major challenge for today's Oregonians.

As an agency that supports comprehensive planning in partnership with cities, counties and regional entities throughout Oregon, DLCD's programs address climate change mitigation, adaptation, and sequestration. Mitigation consists of actions taken to slow or stop climate change from occurring, by reducing greenhouse gas pollution. Adaptation refers to actions that deal with the effects of climate change, such as revising floodplain ordinances to address higher water levels. Sequestration involves the long-term storage of carbon as a way to slow the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and can be implemented as both mitigation and adaptation strategies.

DLCD addresses mitigation and adaptation of climate change in three areas: Land Use and Transportation, Natural Hazards, and Coastal Management. More information on these topics can be found below and on the Climate Change Resources web page.

Oregon's coordinated land use program was founded to preserve our natural and working lands for resource use and ensure thoughtful and strategic development of urban areas. The farms, forests, ranches, and estuaries protected by the land use program also have tremendous capacity to store carbon in biomass and in soils. DLCD is currently collaborating with other state agencies to identify opportunities for aligning our various programs and regulatory frameworks to expand on that capacity in ways that can mitigate climate related impacts to our natural and working lands.

Combatting Climate Change is Central to DLCD's Work

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Christine Shirley
Climate Change Resilience Coordinator
Phone: 503-934-0027

Cody Meyer
Land Use and Transportation Planner
Phone: 503-934-0005

Tricia Sears
Natural Hazards Planner
Phone: 503-934-0031

Meg Reed
Coastal Shores Specialist
Phone: 541-574-0811

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