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Legislative Information

The Oregon State Legislature convenes annually in January in the state capitol of Salem. In odd years, sessions may last 160 days, referred to as "long session." During the "long session" the legislature approves a two-year state budget for the next biennium. In even years, a "short session" is held. A short session can last a maximum of 35 days.

DLCD tracks legislation impacting land use whenever the legislature is in session and regularly reports to LCDC on bills deemed a priority by staff. To search for staff reports related to legislative action, search for "legislative report" on the LCDC meeting page.

The state legislative calendar provides information about the legislative session.

At the close of the legislative session, DLCD creates a Land Use Legislation Report that is directed to interested persons, local governments, and state agencies. The purpose of this report is to summarize the legislative measures, and notify local governments of new statutory requirements that require changes to local comprehensive plans, regional framework plans, or ordinances implementing these plans.

2024 Land Use Legislation Report
​ ​2024 Land Use Legislation Summary
2023 Land Use Legislation Report
2022 Land Use Legislation Report
2021​​ Land Use Legislation Report
2020 1st Special Session Land Use Legislation Report
2020 Land Use Legislation Report
2018 Land Use Legislation Report
HB 3309 (2019) Statewide Tsunami Regulations FAQ for Local Governments

​If a legislative change requires a rule change, it is listed in the department's Policy Agenda which is created once a biennia. New policy agendas are developed after a long legislative session. The existing policy agenda is updated after the short legislative session. The DLCD Policy Agenda also includes ongoing work, and initiatives directed by the Land Conservation and Development Commission and department. To see what rulemaking is currently taking place at DLCD, visit our rulemaking page.​

2025 Proposed DLCD Policy Option Pac​kages​​​​
2023-2025​ Policy Agenda​​​​
2021-23 Updated Policy Agenda​
DLCD Proposed 2023-25 POPs Requests
HB 2918 Surplus Lands Inventory Report 2022
HB 2743: Executive Summary – Economic Development Pilot Program Report 2022
HB 2743: Full Report – Economic Development Pilot Program Report 2022
HB 2743: Appendix A – EcoNorthwest Memo
2021-23 Full Policy Agenda
2021-23 Budget & Policy Option Packages Overview
2019-21 Revised Final Policy Agenda Attachment A​​ ​
2019-21 Revised Final Policy Agenda

To learn about or participate in DLCD's Budget Development process, visit our Administration and Support page.


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Senior Policy Advisor
Phone: 503-269-2040