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Economic Development

A train along the Roseburg Lumber Mill near Dillard.Implementation of Statewide Planning Goal 9 ensures that cities plan and designate an adequate land supply for future economic development and employment growth in Oregon. DLCD offers a variety of resources to assist local governments in achieving their economic development planning goals. We provide training, information, and resources on economic development planning. We also lend a hand to any agency working to improve local economies. If there is a plan to revitalize downtown or improve the supply of employment land, we are happy to help make it happen.

We also help planners conduct Economic Opportunities Analyses (EOAs). These reports help cities and counties identify likely industrial and other economic development opportunities and corresponding employment land needs over a 20-year planning period. The results help inform future investors and developers on what industries will best fit the region.


Leigh McIlvaine
Economic Development Specialist
Phone: 503-934-0071

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