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Newberg Urban Reserve Area Amendment


In May of 2021, the property owner of 95 acres of Exclusive Farm Use zoned agricultural land, generally located northwest of the intersection of NE Corral Creek Road and NE Fernwood Road in Yamhill County, submitted an application for a Comprehensive Plan amendment to the City of Newberg and Yamhill County to add the land to the City of Newberg’s Urban Reserve Area. The City of Newberg’s urban reserve area was initially established in 1995 and consists of 556 acres. The City prepared an updated Housing Needs Analysis in 2021, however, the city adopted this document by resolution and not by ordinance, or through the Post-Acknowledgement Plan Amendment process. The city and county approved the property owner’s proposal, relying upon the unacknowledged Housing Needs Analysis data to make findings justifying the approval, and submitted the approval to the department on October 20, 2023.

Pursuant to OAR 660-025-0140, within 21 days of the notice DLCD received three separate objections to the subject URA expansion proposal. The director of DLCD has “not later than 120 days of the date the department received the task submittal from the local government” to make a decision (OAR 660-025-0150(1) and (3)). The director may approve the submittal, remand it, or refer the matter to the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC or commission), pursuant to OAR 660-025-0140(1).

Director's Decision Remanding the Newberg Urban Reserve Area Submission

The Director issued a decision remanding the city and county approval on February 16, 2024. If a party appeals the director’s decision, the Land Conservation and Development Commission will consider the matter at its April 25-26 meeting.

Director's Decision Remanding the City of Newberg URA Submittal


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