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Territorial Sea Plan

Oregon's territorial sea is a 3 mile wide strip of ocean under state jurisdiction that reaches from the shoreline out to sea. This area and the resources within it are managed by state and federal agencies in trust for the public. The Oregon Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) was first adopted in 1994 and consists of goals and policies that act as a coordination framework and guide for agencies to use while managing resources within the territorial sea.

Since its adoption, the plan has been amended as new ocean needs and uses have been discovered (a chapter was added on submarine cable installation in 2001, and in 2009 on marine renewable energy development). The Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) was given the responsibility of stewarding the TSP, in conjunction with DLCD, to manage future amendments as needs arise.

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Part One: Ocean Management Framework

  1. History of Ocean Planning in Oregon
  2. The Ocean Policy Advisory Council
  3. Oregon's Territorial Sea
  4. Laws and Legal Authorities Affecting Ocean Management
  5. Ocean Management Agencies
  6. Plan Implementation
  7. Ocean Management Goals and Policies (2001)

Part Two: Making Resource Use Decisions

  1. Resources Inventory and Effects Evaluation
  2. Joint Review Panels (JRPs)
  3. Local Government Consultation

Part Three: Rocky Habitat Management Strategy

Part Four: Uses of the Seafloor (2023 Rulemaking Ongoing)

Telecommunication Cables, Pipelines, and Other Utilities (2000)

TSP Part Four Rulemaking Draft (September 2023)

Part Five: Uses of the Territorial Sea

  1. For the Development of Renewable Energy Facilities or Other Related Structures, Equipment or Facilities(2019)



Andy Lanier
Marine Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 503-206-2291