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Tree care

The trees in our yards, neighborhoods, and cities are a valuable asset, and they require our help to stay healthy. Proper tree care is important because trees are an investment in the value of your home and the livability of your neighborhood.

Remember: tree care is an art. Tree work performed incorrectly may damage not only to the tree itself, but may be potentially dangerous to the person performing the work. Tree work should be performed by those trained and equipped to work safely and correctly in trees, to ensure a professionals attention to safety and good results.

Need help caring for or maintaining the trees on your property?
Find a certified arborist in your community.

Tree care guides

The following resources will provide you with tips and techniques to help you properly plant, prune, and care for your trees. Proper maintenance keeps your trees healthy and working for you.

Featured trees

Whether you're a homeowner trying to decide what kind of tree to plant on your property or a city arborist thinking ahead to what types of trees to plant on your streets or in your city's parks and open spaces, these short "featured tree" handouts contain information on several tree species, including tree identification, care and maintenance tips.

Oregon State University's Landscape Plant guide also offers a great catalogue of landscape plants featuring images, identification tools, and information about each tree or plant.

Photo of children planting a tree


Through research, technology, and education, the ISA promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees. ISA exists so that professionals, allied professionals, public officials, and consumers worldwide recognize the economic, environmental, and societal benefits and values of trees and their care at a cost that demonstrates the wise stewardship of resources.

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