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AASHTOWare Estimation

AWProject Estimation Login

Access to Estimation is only for ODOT, consultants and Local Agencies that are certified for full access or granted read-only access. AASHTOWare Project, or AWProject, works best with Chrome and Edge browsers. Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported.

ODOT Users

Launch AWProject Estimation for employees.

Single sign-on. No username or password needed.

External Users

Launch AWProject Estimation for non-ODOT users.

Use your AWP User ID and password to access the system.

See Request Access below if AWP User ID needed.

Get Started

ODOT uses AASHTOWare ProjectTM (AWProject) Estimation module to prepare project construction cost estimates. To have full access to Estimation, ODOT provides training and certification. To view bid pricing information, ODOT allows limited, read-only access to AWProject. Email the AWProject Administrator for read-only access.

Process for full access to AWProject Estimation:

  1. Request access. (For external users consultants and local agencies)
  2. Train yourself.
  3. Get certified.

​The Estimation Module uses ProjectWise login information.​

Step 1: Receive a Notice to Proceed.

Consultant firm must first have a notice to proceed for a project under contract.

Step 2: Ensure AWProject exh​ibit is in your contract.

Consultant, local agency and subcontractor management works with ODOT project manager and procurement representative to confirm all applicable AWProject contract language is present in the contract, including Exhibit M.

  1. ​​​If this exhibit is missing, am​end the project contract, as needed.
    1. Supporting user documents:
    2. ​Supporting procurement documents:
  2. Upon completion, ODOT project manager grants consultant firm access to AWProject.

Step 3: ODOT AWProject experience.

Have you used AWProject on any past ODOT projects? ​If yes, jump to step 6. Oth​e​rwise, continue to step 4.

Step 4: Request AWP User ID.

 E​​​mail the AWProject administrator​ to request AWP User ID.

Step 5: Review required documents.

All users requesting access to AWProject:

  1. ​Per external user access agreement (EUAA), read the ​​external user roles and responsibilities document.
  2. Fill out and return the EUAA to the AWProject administrator.

Step 6: Get trained and certified.

Are you trained and certified?

  1. ​​​​​If yes, log into the A​WProject​ production​ environment and start working on your project under contract.
    1. ​If you don't immediately see your project, have your ODOT project manager contact the AWProject administrator to request consultant access to the project under contract. 
  2. ​​If no, proceed to the "Get Trained" section.​

The Project Controls Office requires all users be trained​ prior to granting full access to AWProject Estimation app​lication.​​​​

ODOT Users​​​​

  1. ​Complete the "ODOT - SPDB - Estimation Certification" in Workday Learning​.
    1. ​​After logging in, click "Learning."
    2. Click "Browse Learning Content."
    3. Enter "Estimation" in the search bar.
    4. Select "ODOT - ENG - AWProject Estimation" to start the training.
  2. Log into the AWProject training environment to practice the skill learned during your iLearn course​​​.

Non-ODOT Users

This includes consultants, local agency representatives and subcontractors.​

  1. Create a Workday Learning account. Instructions are available ​from the Workday Learning Support page.
  2. ​Complete the "ODOT - SPDB - Estimation Certification​" curriculum in Workday Learning.
    1. ​After logging in, click "Learning."
    2. Click "Browse Learning Content."​
    3. Enter "Estimation" in the search bar.
    4. Click "ODOT - ENG - AWProject Estimation" to start the training.
  3. ​​​Log into the AWProject training environment​ to practice the skills learned during your iLearn course.

The Project Controls Office requires training and certification prior to granting full access to AWProject Estimation applica​tion. External users will need a ProjectWise ID which is used as their Username and Password in AWProject Estimation for the certification class. Consultants without ProjectWise IDs may obtain credentials using the ProjectWise Request Access Process. It takes a minimum of a week to get the ProjectWise ID set up.​The certification process is as follows:​​

​Step 1: Register for the certification course.

Log into Workday Learning​​ and register for "ODOT - ENG - ​AWProject Estimation - Estimation Certification -​ Virtual."​

​Note: If you fail the certification course, please contact the cost estimating team for ad​di​tional training or assistance.​​​

​​​​Step 2: Get access.​

Once you've successfully completed the training and certification, we'll update your AWProject profile and notify you by email that you've got full-access to AWProject Estimation application.

​If you have not received your access email within 2-3 business​ days, please email our AWProject administrator​.

Resource Materials

Need assistance?

Email the AWProject Support Team.

Visit ProjectWise Login Support for password assistance.

Contact the Cost Estimating Unit

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive MS1