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Automated Reporting

Electronic Filing

Oregon Truck Tracking Online is an automated system that allows authorized vendors to electronically file weight-mile tax reports, flat fee tax reports and pay fees and taxes associated with the reports by Direct Payment.

The OTTO system is designed to be used by:
  • Third-party vendors filing tax reports on behalf of their motor carrier clients.
  • Motor carrier companies filing their own tax reports.
Taxable truck miles are recorded by using on-board mileage tracking devices and GPS systems then submitted through the OTTO system. This improves the operational efficiencies of our Commerce and Compliance Division and the trucking industry operating in Oregon.


Contact Us

Oregon Department of Transportation
Commerce and Compliance Division
3930 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, OR 97302-1166
Hours of Operation (Pacific Time)
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday
General Carrier Questions
Email the ODOT TOL Team.


Web Page Support
Email the CCD Web Team.

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