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Motor Carrier Education Program

Oregon law requires new companies to participate in the Motor Carrier Education Program shortly after receiving a certificate or permit. The Oregon Motor Carrier Education Manual provides drivers and motor carriers with safety information relating to:
  • Commercial motor vehicles.
  • Size and weight of loads carried.
  • Permits required to operate on Oregon highways.
The contents of this manual are not intended to serve as a precise statement of the Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Manual Summary

​Oregon charges heavy trucks a weight-mile tax for road use rather than a fuel tax. If a motor carrier does not have valid weight-mile tax credentials, Oregon fuel providers must charge fuel taxes.

Register Your Vehicle(s) and manage Your Motor Carrier Account to operate in Oregon.

Need more information?
Call our staff at 503-378-6699 if you have any questions.

IFTA is an agreement between member jurisdictions to simplify the reporting of motor fuel use taxes.

Need more information?
See the Motor Carrier Education Manual for more information on IFTA reporting and tax filing instructions.

​For information about Oregon’s truck operating requirements, please visit the following web pages.


Contact a Port of Entry office for guidance and information on:

  • Motor carrier regulations.
  • Weigh station scale crossing procedures.
  • Truck size and weight regulations.
  • Over-dimension permit requirements.
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • FMCSA inspection procedures.
  • Oregon weight-mile tax.
  • Truck registration requirements.

​The Oregon Motor Carrier Education Manual has a summary of rules relating to the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. Our Oregon Truck Safety web page also has resources to help you with:

  • Rules and regulations.
  • Load securement.
  • Truck inspections.
  • Reporting Accidents.
  • Safe truck routes.
  • Public safety information.

Oregon Trucking Online is free, secure and available 24/7. This service allows you to:

  • Manage your account.
  • Pay your taxes.
  • Get your permits.
  • Process your IFTA and IRP transactions.
  • Renew your plates.

Visit our Oregon Trucking Online web page for instructions to sign up for this service.


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