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System Operations & ITS

System Operations and ITS 

Move people and goods safely and efficiently.

The purpose of ODOT’s Highway Operations Program is to improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation system. ODOT accomplishes this through implementing strategies and projects that enhance the operation and management of the system. Operations solutions provide a cost effective approach to meet the challenges presented by increased demands on the system coupled with constraints on available funding. The Systems Operation and ITS Manager in the Maintenance and Operations Branch serves as the agency program manager for the Operations Program. The Operations Program is unique in that it is distributed and embedded in various parts of the agency and it is funded from various funding programs in addition to the Operations Program.  

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 Performance Measures



Operations provides specialized engineering and design services
to assist regions in delivering 
projects that fit both state
and national ITS standards.

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Traveler Information

Projects provide critical and timely information to motorists so they can make better travel choices
by avoiding adverse road
and weather conditions.

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Traffic Incident Management

Projects aim to solve traffic congestion & safety issues by using ramp meters, incident management support technologies, advanced signal operations, and more.

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Performance Measures

Program aggregates information to help managers make data-based decisions that effectively 
manage strategies, assets,
and program resources.

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Field Maintenance

Regional Support Coordinators work to troubleshoot, repair, and plan preventative maintenance needed to keep ITS roadside equipment in good condition.

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TOC Operations

Projects focus on collecting, processing and sharing data with other agencies; providing better decision making, incident management, coordination, etc.

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Traffic System Services

Provides statewide support for signal maintenance and construction, commission, test and 
evaluate new signal

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Central Systems

Central systems include server and workstation applications, and associated databases. Software is maintained by the Transportation Application Development team.

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