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Oregon Highway Plan - Policy Amendment 2022 (Tolling)


What are we amending? 

Toll policies are primarily located in Goal 6 of the Oregon Highway Plan. We last amended this goal in 2012, and much has changed since. The following is an initial list:
  • Defining various terms that are used (e.g. tolling, congestion pricing, value pricing, etc.)
  • Clarifying the need and goals for tolling and toll-based congestion pricing
  • Incorporate connections to equity and climate goals, initiatives, and targets 
  • Provide guidance on rate setting and use of revenues (e.g. balancing highway and transit and multimodal investment, low-income impacts, and diversion’s impact on neighborhood health and safety) 
With Oregon moving multiple major toll projects in the Portland region forward while building a statewide supporting program, the Oregon Highway Plan, which identifies influential direction on the purpose and role of tolling, is in need of an update to address our current needs and goals for equity, climate, safety, a modern system, and sustainable funding.

ODOT has reviewed all comments received to date and incorporated revisions to address many of the concerns. ODOT intends to continue and update this draft in response to feedback received through Sept. 15, 2022 and as appropriate through continued consultation efforts per federal regulations. Goal 6 Tolling and Congestion Pricing


There are no upcoming events. 

​A public hearing was held on July 20, 2022. When the meeting video is available it will be posted here.

 An informational webinar was held on June 30. 
You may review the presented materials here:

Download the Powerpoint presentation​ for the webinar
View a PDF of the slides​ in the Powerpoint presentation

Public Comments

The public comment period has closed. Review the full comment log.

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held on July 20, 2022. You may watch it below.


What is the timeline for adoption? 

The Oregon Transportation Commission is expected to review the policy amendment in September 2022. If adopted, the policy will be effective immediately.


Why are we updating the OHP in 2022?

Modernizing these policies will provide a solid framework and context for ODOT and other agencies that wish to pursue toll-based congestion pricing. First up will be toll rate setting for the I-205 Toll Project, for which we are planning to start a rules advisory committee in late 2022.

Additionally, recent legislation (HB 2017 and HB 3055) and new policies since 2012 (Statewide Transportation Strategy, 2021-2023 Strategic Action Plan, etc.) have provided more explicit direction, and policy should be modernized to better connect to other policy goals and targets provided in those documents.

What will not be in this OHP amendment?

This amendment will not set toll rates or identify toll revenue allocation project-level requirements, targets, or identify specific investments. The toll rate setting process is a separate effort that culminates in Oregon Transportation Commission adoption. The project sponsor and partners identify specific investments that are funded through toll projects, which includes mitigation.

How can people be a part of the decision-making process?

  • We will provide a draft of the updated policy by June 2022, and it will be made available for public review. (Policy amendments require a minimum of 45 days public involvement.)
  • ODOT will be searching for statewide input and building upon the existing Oregon Toll Program outreach and relationship building efforts that are ongoing to achieve the depth and equitable quality of input.
  • We will hold a public hearing later this year.
  • The Oregon Transportation Commission will be the decision-makers on the policy update. They will receive a proposed amendment in November 2022.
  • If you are interested in getting involved in crafting and reviewing the Oregon Highway Plan Toll Policy Amendment, please reach out at the contact information below.

Please come back to this page for ongoing updates and additional information on how to get involved as opportunities arise.


Email EmailRoseann O'Laughlin
ODOT Principal Planner – Policy, Data and Analysis Division

Email EmailGaret Prior, AICP
ODOT Toll Policy Manager

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Transportation Planning Unit Manager